3 Things to Know When Starting a Catering Business from Home

Start a Catering Company

Start a Catering Company

If you're planning on running a catering business from your home, there are a lot of things you'll need to know, but hopefully, at this stage you're already fairly knowledgeable about food preparation and delivery. If not, you have some studying to do and some experience to gain, but that's okay because every home catering business starts somewhere. Most of all, you'll need to be prepared to accommodate the volume of business you're trying to attract. Aside from that fundamental consideration, here are three things that every home catering business should cover before opening for business:

Designing an Appealing Menu

The first thing your customers will see when they've made the preliminary decision to consider your service is the menu, whether that be an online page or a printed menu. Thus, it makes sense that you would want this aspect of your business to be one of its strongest points. However, it's important to not only have delicious items listed but also to focus on producing a professional menu that will give prospective customers the impression that you're much more than a run-of-the-mill home-based catering service. Luckily, you can take advantage of one of the user-friendly menu makers out there to create something that looks great with the help of a proven restaurant menu template

Setting a Fair Price

Nothing interests a customer more than great food at a great price. At the same time, you can't give your services away too cheaply because you'll have to consider all of the costs involved with running the business, especially if you're going to be delivering and presenting the food. The key is to find a way to offer meals and packages that look reasonably priced yet still give you enough of a profit to make the endeavor lucrative. A great way to offer low prices without taking losses is to source your ingredients at low wholesale prices and make as much as you can in bulk from scratch rather than opting for premade components. 

Advertising and Client Solicitation

Now that you've got your menu and prices covered, it's time to start marketing your services. People aren't going to just show up at your door asking for food. You've got to utilize as many advertising channels as you can and spread word of mouth about what you have to offer. Become active in the community and network with other businesses to expand your clientele through referrals.

Quality Control and Promoting Repeat Business

Finally, as an extra word of precaution: try to remember that all the advertising, cheap deals and flashy menus in the world can't compensate for low quality food and poor customer service. Once you've dotted all of your I’s and crossed all of your T's, you'll still have to go back to the fundamentals of making delectable foods and delivering them hot and well-presented. It's a good idea to use a quality control checklist to inspect all dishes before they go out for delivery, and utilize things like hot plates and thermal carriers to keep food warm until it arrives at its destination.

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