3 Well-Hidden Apple Apps

Three Free iPhone Apps You’re Not Using

Free iPhone Apps

In the mobile world of today, there are countless apps available. Some entertain, while others increase productivity and accessibility to the world. The online community does its best to share our favorite apps, but somehow numerous useful tools completely escape mainstream notice, or maybe they’re a well-kept secret. Below are three little-known free apps found in the deepest pages of the Apple App Store.

Mobile Banking Apps:

Although a broad term and a cop-out to some, apps like Citi Bank, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo allow users to check their accounts, track expenses, and transfer money. In spite of this, many people are understandably hesitant to utilize these apps, concerned with hacking.

The truth is that having a bank account at all means you’re in the system already. The app allows you to influence the interactions between and inside of your accounts in the same way one uses an ATM machine or home computer. These integrations are coming natively to Apple Pay by allowing users to send money to contacts via iMessage in the upcoming iOS 11.


Photos are easily the culprit behind memory usage, and Musemage will happily make that problem worse for the best reasons! Musemage is a photography app with amazing features such as color controls, blue screen capabilities, and numerous lens effects to help get any shot you may need. The app can be draining on a battery for anything lower than an iPhone 6, but a portable battery can easily manage that optimization bug.

Infuse 5:

Infuse 5 is a video player with one truly incredible function: the ability to play most any video file. Without native Adobe Flash capability, most iPhones can’t play certain types of videos, particularly ones from different computer developers or old digital video recording formats. Infuse 5 can take these files and play them, allowing you to keep old video memories with you. After downloading the app, access the files on your phone via iCloud. The free version of this app gets the job done.

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