4 Components Needed for a Shower Enclosure

Most modern homes are now being designed to attain the utmost functionality while keeping the design overall pleasing as well. Due to the changes being employed in most homes built nowadays, even traditional homes are now seeking to revamp some areas in the house to include modern renovations and style. 



Among the many areas of the house, often overlooked, but totally deserving of an upgrade, is the bathroom. This private and intimate part should not only look comfortable because it is where you spend your most quiet times, but it should be superb in functionality as well. To maximize the space of your bathroom and to allow it to be used simultaneously, shower enclosures are often added. It is an area that only contains the shower and it is often designed simply and small in size.  Your showering experience will change over new styles and the new fixtures that you can incorporate. Since it is a simple design, there are only a few components needed in order to have your own shower enclosure. Here are four of those:


Glass Wall 

There are wide varieties of glass you can choose from. There are semi-tinted ones like Bronze glass that will give your enclosure a bit of shade. You can also choose a rain glass which distorts the image from within. These two types give a kind of coverage if you want a little privacy while showering. There is also a baked finish that would repel soap scums and won't have water spots for easier cleaning. The glass wall could either be framed or frameless. This will depend on the design you prefer. For traditional homes who cannot dispose of the bathtub, they just combine the shower enclosure and tub by adding a glass wall to it.


Shower enclosure designs are typically made of glass and it's quite difficult to find one that isn't. This is your alternative to the traditional shower curtains in the past but now made more elegant and easier to clean. According to https://shower-enclosure.org/, having a shower enclosure is more than just the efficiency of the shower area but also about sustainability as well. It will take into consideration the space you have, the maintenance you would need, and the comfort you deserve. 


The frameless walls would require using thicker glass because it has to hold up on its own. This is a more contemporary design that incorporates minimalism and more light to pass through. You can choose this design if you want a more airy ambiance and the "barely there" aesthetics in your bathroom. A framed enclosure is the more traditional ones, it is also an economical choice. It will use thinner glass, thus you can save more money instead of buying thicker and more expensive types. You can have a sleeker look if you go for a chrome finish. Overall, the type of enclosure you choose depends on your budget and the design you want to achieve. 




A shower enclosure with walls would need an entrance to access the area. This will totally be different from the main door of your bathroom as this one does not need a lock and key. You also have choices with what kind of entrance you want for your enclosure. You can have the classic one that opens and closes from hinges attached to the glass wall. It can also be a sliding one where it can just be moved to the side. The door is often the same one used in the glass wall of the enclosure so it can easily get lost in the overall look. 


You can also have a dual entrance to the enclosure. This is done by some couples who have separate vanities and would both want access to the shower from their areas. You can have a door for him and her at the sides. Some people totally just forgo an entrance especially if you want a walk-in type of shower without the need of opening another door. This depends if you can make your bathroom spacious enough so that the other fixtures are far enough that it cannot be reached by the water splash every time you shower. 

Door Handles and Knobs

If you prefer a door for your entrance to the shower enclosure, you will also need door handles or knobs. These can have the same material as the frame or hinges or you could choose a different one if you have a particular design and color and mind. This can add a more personalized detail for you. You can have options too if you want the knob to have some kind of a locking system, especially if you have kids and you don't want them going into the shower by themselves to play with water. Most handles are surface mounted so it is easily grasped by the hand. They can either be clamped to the wall or hooked. You can also choose the material for this, the most popular choices are wood or aluminum. 


Bathroom Tiles

Since you are able to minimize the wet area by having a shower enclosure, you can also decrease the layout of the tiles in the bathroom. Installing the enclosure would require tiling on this part only, commonly on the floor where the water drips, next to the drain that carries the liquid waste. Since most enclosures are glass, this is an opportunity to show creative tile work. If you prefer, you can also have the same tiles installed in other parts of the bathroom.


When you prefer a home that would reflect a lifestyle of functional and comfortable, then shower enclosure may be what you need. It allows anyone to have a quick shower while making the other parts of the bathroom available for multi-usage. It is also a dainty feature to have because it looks like a luxury when in fact it actually saves you time and effort because it requires low maintenance. The next time you want to build a home or renovate what you currently live in, consider this feature if possible.