4 Gadgets That Provides Eccentric Functionality around the Kitchen


4 Gadgets That Provides Eccentric Functionality around the Kitchen

The kitchen is that one place where a modest helping hand goes a long (long) way to make your everyday endeavors a little less sophisticated and effortless as well. From as minuscule and straightforward tasks such as staining noodles or vegetables to making sure your unwrapped cookie packets are tightly clasped to ensure they do not lose their authentic freshness, simple kitchen gadgets help you obtain all the equivalent advantages without having to go haywire. 

The quirky innovations behind the concept of such kitchen gadgets help you minimize a fair deal of physical effort required to achieve a seamless and effortless venture. Having such kitchen equipment’s around your pantry area can enable you to function more efficiently, but more importantly, it helps you save some much-needed leisure time of your everyday time clock to help you sit back, relax, and relish the stunning backdrop of a pleasant day outside. 

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  1. Clip-on Strainer (Approved by FDA)

The practice of straining excess water off the food is one of the most repetitive procedures that take place around the kitchen. From draining off excess liquid off your boiled noodles to your vegetables, a clip-on strainer gadget goes a long way to ensure you do not have to depend on your inefficient fingers to strain off the water. Such clip-on strainer gadgets also come with the convenience of an FDA approved certificate, which means they do not impart any form of harmful chemicals to your food as well.

Apart from the conventional clip-on design, there are alternate design options such as a spatula-shaped strainer that help you multitask at ease. Most of these gadgets are made of heavy-duty silicon material that makes them optimally capable of straining off water from hot boiling pots as well. They certainly provide a much more comfortable and convenient means of draining water off as opposed to transferring into a sieve.

  1. Buzz B-Gone Mosquito Trap 

Keeping off the irritating and energetic mosquitoes off your kitchen is of the most vital steps to ensure you keep it optimally free from any type of lurking infections that may result out of a mere mosquito bite. Untidy kitchens are one of the hotspots where our buzzing counterparts feel most comfortable inhibiting, thus, increasing your chances of falling victim to a vital mosquito bite. The more annoying aspect of such a situation is that you cannot undertake the conventional procedure of squirting out mosquito-repellent sprays in your kitchen, as that compromises the integrity of your dish as well.  

Buzz B-Gone mosquito trap gadget helps you to eliminate the constant threat of a hovering blood-sucking fly by trapping them inside a dehydrating compartment that eventually kills them. The device does this by emitting a powerful and effective UV LED light that attracts the mosquitoes towards the chamber, and quietly relieving them of their misery without discharging any harmful gas.

  1. Steel Ice Cubes 

Yes, it is precisely what it sounds like – an ice cube that is made of steel and performs the equivalent role of a conventional ice cube. If you are having to constantly operate your refrigerator to scoop out a cube of ice or two for a hot summer day, the steel ice cubes provide the ideal solution by helping you keep your beverages optimally cold without having to water them down. These steel ice cubes also do not come with any type of chemical coatings, which means they do not deteriorate the authentic taste or impart harmful compounds to your drinks as well.

In addition, they are extremely easy to clean and re-use for other types of beverages every time. You can simply wash off the excess remains and return them to the freezer until such times when you need them to keep your whiskey or coffee cold.

  1. Magnetic Pickup Tool

One of the most common and annoying aspects of chording away in your kitchen is the fact that you have to deal with the frequent disappearance of miniature tools. You have to constantly bend awkwardly over the tiniest of spacing and cracks to investigate and retrieve such annoying items. And this is where the eccentric, yet extremely simple innovation of a magnetic pickup tool comes into play. 

The gadget has an extensible mechanism with an LED tip that illuminates the inspected area to allow you to sneak it below any limited openings easily, so you don't have to scoochin an awkward fashion. The LED tip also has a 360-degree maneuverability feature combined with a full magnet body to ensure easy retrieving.