4 Great Grilling Blogs You Need to Follow to Make Better BBQs at Home

Grilling is a great way of cooking, making it easy to socialize and entertain guests while supervising the cooking of some seriously delicious food. There are loads of resources around to educate and inspire grill owners, whether you are a complete novice, or very experienced and looking for some new challenges.

Here we share details of four amazing grilling blogs you absolutely must follow if you want to learn more about making your home BBQ experience even better than it is now. There’s no better way than to learn about grilling than from these folk.


Blog 1-Barbecue Bible

This great blog is the brainchild of a journalist, author, cooking teacher, and TV host Steven Raichlen, and he puts a lot of work into curating amazing content. Here you can expect to find fantastic recipes, reviews of various kinds of equipment, and of course, lots of tips and ideas on everything from looking after your grill to improving your technique. Steven is also happy to answer reader questions on grilling, smoking, and other grill-related topics.


Blog 2 - Fire Craft

This site is produced by serious BBQ grill fans who have tons of knowledge on all things outdoor cooking related. From guides to which equipment to buy, to advice on what to grill and how to grill it, you can easily improve your knowledge of grilling here. There are also lots of fantastic recipes to try, and a supportive community of other enthusiasts to share experiences with.


Blog 3 – How to BBQ Right

If you learn by watching then the selection of great videos on this top-rated blog will entertain you for many hours, and there are lots of tried and tested recipes and easy to follow guides around too. We love the recipe index which makes it really easy to browse and find something to try, as well as the featured recipes which have visuals to die for. Seriously – you will want to reach into the screen and help yourself! The step-by-step guide with pictures at each stage is amazingly helpful for those trying a new recipe out, and the instructions are well written and easy to follow. You can read more about a range of BBQing tips through exchangebarandgrill.com.


Blog 4 – Obsessive Compulsive Barbecue

This is a fun mix of personal experiences of the author, Joe Haynes, useful guides, and scrumptious recipes that will wow your guests. Mr. Haynes is a very accomplished grill master who generously shares his direct BBQ experiences, both outstanding and unsuccessful, and techniques for your enjoyment. There are lots of very interesting and detailed blog posts on various aspects on grilling, along with things like reviews of condiments and sauces. The wealth of information on this award-winning blog makes this an easy choice for our list.

Whatever we do there’s never a moment when you can say you don’t need to learn anything more, so once you choose a couple of blogs that you really enjoy reading be sure to sign up to be notified of future posts.