4 Modern Challenges to Meeting Someone Special

Photogaphy By Nathan Walker

There have been some serious changes to the way that we date in recent years. Long gone are the days where you needed to hang out in bars or hope to be introduced to someone new by a friend. Now, those looking for love can feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of options when it comes to meeting someone special. There are some challenges that we face in the age of the internet that make it a particularly difficult time to meet the right person. Modern ways of thinking regarding the very idea of a relationship mean that you need to be more aware than ever that dating has changed. The most pressing concerns of the modern dating experience reveal the biggest challenges to finding someone special.


Choosing Your Type


Everyone has a type that they’re attracted to. This isn’t always about physical appearance. We all know that one person who will only date doctors or the one that won’t date anyone under 6ft. The more that you can narrow down what you’re looking for, the easier it can be to find that someone special. There are dating sites aimed at every particular niche, and you can sign up for these quickly and easily. If you're looking for someone older than you, look at dating site reviews on Beyondages.com, and you’ll be far more likely to find the special someone that ticks all the right boxes in your relationship wish list.

Too Much Choice


When it comes to dating, we are now spoiled for choice. The fear now is that there is always going to be someone better for you, you just haven't met them yet. This can lead to absolute decision paralysis and can be a major cause of anxiety and stress. The fear that we are ‘settling’ for the wrong person can even lead to a decision to stop dating altogether. This can be a challenge to overcome, but it’s vital that you focus on the kind of partner you’re looking for. Stop worrying so much about finding the right partner, and instead, focus your energies on being the best partner.

Marriage Woes


If there’s one area of strong contention in the modern dating scene, it's the question of marriage. This can be a make or break discussion when you're on a date. If marriage is your priority, then you might be surprised by how many people these days are happier to focus their attention on something else. Weddings can be expensive, and more people than ever before have made the decision to spend their hard-earned money on traveling or even their education. Be honest about what you want from a relationship, and get the marriage conversation out of the way early on. This can save you from being trapped in a life-plan that you’re not committed to, and that can quickly kill a relationship.

Texting Nightmares


If there’s one thing that causes relationship problems in the modern age, it’s texting. Everybody messages each other these days, and whether it's through Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, or Signal, far too much can be lost in the reading of a text. Sarcasm is impossible to detect, and jokes all too often get taken the wrong way. This leads to over-analysis of every element of a text message, which can be absolutely disastrous. Not only that, it can be exhausting to try and decode the hidden meaning of a lack of punctuation, or that terrible waiting time of the three dots that indicate a reply is on the way. Limit your texting, and have actual conversations.


Modern dating can be fraught with high expectation and crushing disappointment. Make sure that you understand the modern challenges of meeting the right person, and tailor your search to your strengths. The more that you know what you're looking for, the more likely that you will find love.