4 Shed Design Ideas That'll Add Value to Your Home

Shed Design for you home


Gone are the days when a shed was an embarrassing eyesore in the corner of your garden. Discover the best shed design ideas for a useful and stylish shed here.


In the past, sheds in a garden were unattractive but necessary. Today, sheds are still necessary but far from unattractive. There are plenty of ways to design a shed to make it fit into your garden or house design well. 


Don't settle for a boring and ugly traditional shed. There are several shed design ideas to try in your very own garden that are sure to be aesthetically pleasing for any homeowner! 


If you're in need of a garden shed but don't want to take away from your garden's beauty, then you'll want to continue reading below. Here are a few shed design ideas that'll look amazing in your garden!


1. Timber Shed

A shed made from timber is more attractive than metal sheds. Whether you plan to use your shed for storing tools or for hanging out while enjoying garden views, a timber shed is a great option for you. 


You can even consider adding windows and a small porch area for chairs to add more style to the design. 


2. Portable Cabins

A portable cabins manufacturer can work with you to create a portable cabin shed just for your own specific needs! These sheds will be created depending on what you'll use the shed for, how much space you need inside the shed, and more. 


They're climate resistant and are ideal for those needing large working spaces. If you're looking to add a garden workshop into your backyard, then this might be the best option for you. 


3. Small Cottage

Some small cottage shed designs can be assembled as a DIY project. The cottage feel of this type of shed adds just enough charm into your garden. The cottage design has a few small windows and the windows have window boxes underneath them for planting your favorite flowers. 


You can keep all of your ugly tools and equipment inside the shed and out of sight while growing new flowers in the windows


4. Glass Greenhouse

If you're looking for a shed to hold some of your tools in and grow your plants and flowers, then you might want to consider a glass greenhouse. The frame of this shed is made of steel and the glass panels are actually polycarbonate panels, which don't break as easily as glass. 


This type of design gives you the space for growing plants and storing tools without taking away from your yard. Because the shed is transparent, it's almost as if it's not even there at all!


Try These Shed Design Ideas Today!

If your garden needs a garden shed, but you don't want to sacrifice your garden's appearance, then you'll want to try a few of these shed design ideas! Find which one you believe would work best for you and compliment your home and garden's style the most.


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