4 Strategies for New Moms to Beat Sleep Deprivation

Getting the sleep that your body and mind need when you are a new mom can seem impossible and before you know it you are suffering from severe sleep deprivation. There is not a new mom on the planet that cannot identify with the sleep struggles that come from motherhood, and your body can find it a struggle to adjust to such a small amount of sleep. 


No matter how much you feel you have prepared and researched your little one’s arrival, nothing can prepare you for the shock that sleep deprivation does to your mind and body. However, by implementing a few changes and strategies, and by following some of our tips and advice, you can get more of the rest you need and beat sleep deprivation. 

Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps 

Any mom will tell you that it is crucial to make most of the time when your baby is sleeping to get some sleep yourself. Some new moms can feel tempted into using that time to catch up on housework or relax with their favorite TV show, but actually you should be using their sleep time as your sleep time. 


This will occasionally mean that you are sleeping throughout the day when your baby takes naps. While this may not be ideal for your sleep pattern, if you suffer from sleep deprivation, then any sleep you can get is a bonus. So, set aside anything else you feel like you should be doing when your baby sleeps and go to sleep yourself! 

Invest in a New Mattress

Being a new mom takes it strain on your entire body, and pre-birth body aches and pains are a real-life struggle when you are new to motherhood. Therefore, we cannot recommend enough how important it is that you invest in a new mattress that will keep you comfortable throughout the night. 


Getting to sleep and staying asleep is difficult enough when you are a new mom, so make it a bit easier for yourself by investing in a modern mattress that is comfortable and inviting. Here are some of the best options available when it comes to finding the right mattress for you. 

Take it One Day at a Time 

When you stop to think about how little sleep you have had since the arrival of your little one, you may find it even more difficult to cope. Therefore, we recommend that you try to take motherhood just one day at a time when you are a new mom and do not put too much pressure on yourself. 


Try not to spend too much time worrying about the lack of sleep you had last night, and instead just focus on getting the sleep you can where you can. 

Say Yes to Help

Do not feel that you have to ride the rollercoaster that is motherhood alone and instead say yes to any help that is offered to you. People want to help, and you should take advantage of this when it is offered to you. 


Also, do not feel ashamed to ask for help when you feel like you need it.  If you are suffering from sleep deprivation, then reach out to your partner, friend, or family member and be honest. Sleep is a medical requirement and there is no shame in saying that you need some help with your little one so that you can catch up on the sleep you need. 


Adjusting to such little sleep can be one of the biggest challenges to overcome as a new mom, and by taking our tips and advice, you are more likely to get the rest you need.