4 Surprising Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health


Everyone deserves to have a good night's sleep after a long tiring day. Proper rest is crucial since it improves your quality of life. Considering that we spend almost a third of each day in bed, the quality of your mattress can affect your sleep quality and health.


Sleeping on the right mattress is, therefore, very essential. There is no one size fits all when it comes to choosing the ideal mattress. The vital factor that you should consider when buying one is a comfort, support, and personal preference. 


A right mattress contributes to having a good night sleep. The ideal mattress should be not only comfortable but also firm enough to offer proper postural alignment. 


With the right mattress, you can improve your sleep quality. A bad mattress, on the other hand, contributes to poor sleeping patterns, which then contribute to health complications such as back pain, stress, and heart disease, among other conditions.


Here is how having the right mattress can affect your sleep and health:

1.     Improves sleep which Reduces Stress and Anxiety levels

If you sleep on an indented mattress for an extended period, you will not only decrease your sleep quality, but you may also get stress and anxiety attacks. Sleeping on the right mattress, on the other hand, can enhance your quality of sleep and helps you build positive energy.


Lack of adequate sleep has numerous adverse health repercussions, including causes confusion, elevated tension, and anxiety. Sleep disturbances and extended periods of stress, in turn, leads to depression among other psychological problems. 


Also, if you are deprived of sleep for an extended period, it messes up your circadian rhythm. This weakens your metabolism, which in turn leads to obesity and high blood pressure. Getting enough sleep can help decrease binge eating and weight gain because hunger levels are greatly affected by how you sleep. Also, your mood can improve, and you will wake up with enthusiasm and zeal to handle life matters.


A quality mattress is a vital component for a good sleep, and thus, it helps decrease stress and anxiety levels and benefits your body and mind.  Also, good sleeping patterns uplifts your mood, promotes calmness, and gives you peace of mind.

2.    Alleviates potential hygienic issues and allergies

Old and worn-out mattresses can cause potential hygienic problems and allergies usually caused by dust mites that are lodged inside the foams. Dust mites can also trigger an asthma attack and cause you to develop other allergies such as dry skin, pimples, runny nose as well as nasal congestion.


People with weak immune systems are at a higher risk of developing such allergic reactions. Therefore, you should avoid sleeping on worn-out mattresses and ensure that you’re using allergen-free mattresses. 


Also, it’s essential to clean your mattresses often to block out the dust mites infestations. Besides cleaning the mattress which could be daunting at times, you can opt to use the mattress protectors.


If you sweat a lot while sleeping, which is more common during the summer seasons, the sweat is absorbed by the mattress. Such liquid can lead to mold, which in turn lead to spores. Mattress protectors and covers can prevent such things from happening, and it can also help block out dust mites. 


Most mattress protectors are 100% waterproof and offer allergen prevention. Getting the right mattress protector is crucial. The good thing is that you can research for the best mattress protectors online before purchasing one, to ensure that it can provide you with the functionalities you want. Having the perfect mattress protectors and keeping your mattresses clean will reduce allergies and alleviate any potential hygienic problem.

3.    Relieves Chronic joint, Pains and lower back pains

If you sleep in a particular position for an extended period, you will end up with body misalignment due to the unbalanced downward gravity and upward resistance of the mattress. Anything that distorts your natural spinal alignment is a risk factor to your health. With spinal misalignments come body pains and aches. If you don’t change the deformed mattresses, you might develop persistent lower back pain and other chronic aches. 


If worn-out springs and coils support your bed, then it may not support your mattress and weight properly. This causes joint aches and soreness in some body parts. Also, you develop hip pain, back pain, and neck pain, among other body aches. The bed can also trigger more sleep disturbance if it produces some screeching sounds every time you move.


With a quality bed and mattress, you’ll get proper body support, and you’ll sleep in the right body posture. When the mattress supports all your spinal curvatures in different slumber position, your weight is distributed evenly, which removes undue stress on any part of the body. Therefore, buying the right mattress can help you sleep better and relieve chronic body pains.

4.    Enhances memory, creativity, and productivity

Sleeping helps solidify things into our consciousness. Therefore, if you have a bad mattress, you may not get quality sleep, which decreases your ability to retain information in the brain. 


If you don’t get enough sleep, your cognitive abilities may also reduce. This makes the mind feel cloudy, and you may, in turn, feel less aware of your surroundings. You also become less creative, and your problem-solving skills begin to degrade. Therefore, lack of enough sleep can significantly reduce your productivity and creativity at home, workplace, school, and in other areas of life. 


Getting the right mattress can help improve your sleep and memory and should be everyone’s priority in life. A night of quality sleep can improve your life, performance, and productivity. 


Sleeping on a bad mattress can also cause you to snore, which may disrupt the sleep quality for both you and your partner (if you have one). You can reduce snoring by sleeping on the right mattress.