4 Ways to Create Coastal Curb Appeal

4 Ways to Create Coastal Curb Appeal

A home by the ocean is a dream come true for so many homeowners. Hearing the roar of the waves lulling you to sleep each night makes it easy to relax. When you wake up, you can hit the sand for a day of fun swimming, boating, and surfing. 

If you own a home by the sea, you'll want to make the most of it. There are lots of ways to create coastal curb appeal. Each area of the house should be considered in great detail. You'll want all areas of the home to shine and allow for maximum enjoyment. 

Items like a cozy beach-facing seating area and the right accessories can make it all just as you like. Use beachy colors to bring in even more delightful details and turn your home into a showplace.

Highlighting a View

One of the many wonderful things about owning a home next to ocean is a chance to watch as the waves flow in and out. The soothing quality of tides draws people to the shore. You want to show it off for you and any guests. To that end, you'll want to think about easy ways to sit back and relax when you're at home. 

A cozy seating area in front of your beach view is the ideal way to bring those views to the forefront. Bring all chairs to the deck and provide lots of small tables where people can put down drinks. Scatter waterproof cushions on top of your chairs. 

This way, people can sit down directly after they've been swimming without worrying about damaging fabric. If you don't have such an area already, create one. Adding a deck and some built-in benches is even easier. Add a small shower on one side so people can wash the sand off before they enter the deck.

Bringing in Color Outside

 The beach is a place of intense, subtle and wonderful colors. From the greys of the early morning dew across the beach grass to the shimmering shades of the water as it changes from moment to moment, this is one place where color delights the eyes again and again. 

If you own a home near the shore, you'll want to take full advantage of the colors of the land by making good use of such colors in your home. There are lots of wonderful ways you can use colors in your beach house. Start with the home's exterior. 

You want to make it part of the scenery. Look around the houses in the area. Chances are they follow a certain pattern. You can adopt those colors for use in your own spaces outside. Colors like pale tan and shades of muted yellow speak of the sand and sun in a subtle and deeply satisfying way. 

Choose accent colors that can further tell the color story you have in mind. Paint the fence a shade of marvelously exuberant cobalt blue and craft a focal point. Add a front door in a shade of turquoise to show people exactly to enter your home.

Fresh Air

Fresh air along the shore is a joy to breath. Allowing as much air circulation as possible is a great way to cool off. Use French doors to help with this effect. French doors add to curb appeal. The shapes often recall the many varied shapes you'll find at the shores. 

They can be thrown open from the room to the front or back yard. This allows the sea air to get inside. The wide windows have another value: you can sit back and appreciate the view from the doors even when you're sitting inside and having lunch. 

These kinds of doors are easy to care for. Over time, the salt water can take a toll on your beach home. You need items like glass that can stand up to the salt and remain easy to clean.

Choosing an Outdoor Garden

Making it all come together in a pleasing whole should be your aim when it comes to creating coastal curb appeal. Think about all areas of the outdoors. You can create a garden that takes full advantage of the area. Look for flowers, shrubs and trees that do well even in sandy soil. 

Salt tolerant plantings make any home even lovelier. Herbs like rosemary and thyme do well in such areas. They can also be picked to sprinkle over your favorite freshly caught seafood dish. Sea kale flourishes in sandy soil and can be used to add crunch to a cold dish. 


If you want to help protect your privacy and add color at the same time, English ivy is perfectly happy to climb your walls. Add geraniums, Hawthorn, and lavender for a flash of even more welcome color.