4 elegant elemental materials for your home and garden


While synthetic materials have their place, there’s something special about natural products that are formed in the earth or forged by the elements.

Perhaps its their terrific tactile qualities or the subconscious connection that draws us towards substances which our forefathers crafted their own abodes with tens of thousands of years ago?

Whatever the reason, if you want to spruce up the outside of your home for the autumn/winter season, these time-tested favorites are a great place to start.

With that in mind, here are four elegant elemental materials for your home and garden

  1. Copper

Fire has fascinated man for eons and is arguably the key catalyst for civilization as we know it. So one way to enhance your garden is with a copper fire pit from metal specialist Black Country Metalworks – it really does create an amazing ambience.

Fire pits area fabulous for warming yourself up once the sun starts to set, toasting marshmallows and gathering around to tell seasonal stories – once you have your own, you’ll wonder why you didn’t splash out on it years ago.

  1. Iron

The Iron Age lasted from 1200BC-550BC, but although society has evolved significantly since then, there’s still a place for inspirational iron ornaments and features for our home exteriors. 

For instance, if you’ve got a traditional sense of style, an iron weather vane from the British Ironwork Centre looks particularly snazzy perched atop your roof – check their website for a range of superb styles including modes of transport, film characters, and professions, as well as time-tested cockerel designs.

  1. Wood

Wood is one of nature’s most versatile materials and it can be used to produce everything from solid furniture that lasts for generations to chips that make the ideal surface for action-adventure playgrounds. 

However, for a touch of luxury, the ultimate addition to your garden is a wooden cuddle puddle from hot tub experts Royal Tubs – these relaxation machines are ideal for a range of social activities, from soaking your cares away as you share a glass of bubbly with your significant other to guzzling beer with yourbuddies.

  1. Stone

When it comes to structural strength, stone has made a major impact on architecture and design for countless thousands of years.

But different types of stone also have awesome aesthetic qualities too – for instance, decorative gravels from aggregates artisans Marchington Stone can be used to create driveways that are much more attractive than their tarmac equivalents, while smooth river cobbles raise rockeries to another artistic level. 

When it comes to giving your exterior and garden that certain je ne sais quoi, looking to nature is always your best bet – there’s nothing that makes guests and family feel more at home than the materials that have molded human history. 

So ends our list, but please share your own home elemental materials tips in the comments section.