4th of July Fireworks and Events 2017

San Diego's Fiery Skyline

July 4th 2017 in San Diego

The most prominent display in San Diego is the Big Bay Boom, period!  A long-held tradition for many San Diegans from childhood to parenthood is to head down to the bay Downtown and watch the sparks fly. It dazzles children's eyes and warms the hearts of adults in the crowd with a rose-tinted nostalgia. Just be sure to arrive early to get a good spot––no, seriously; you should be camping out in your spot right now.

A more exclusive fireworks display, if only due to its location, is the display on Coronado Island. An excellent and extravagant display in all the best ways, there’s even a parade (because Coronado just can’t seem to do anything halfway)! Rent a boat and sail to enjoy the show, or stay at a hotel on the coastline. 

Del Mar's Fairgrounds isn’t just in the running with Coronado, it’s in a league all its own. Music, food, fireworks and the kind of community atmosphere that comes bundled up with the San Diego County Fair. The impressive display is the perfect way to end the fair with a BANG (pun absolutely intended) and kick off the summer in style.

July 4th is certainly a day to celebrate, but when the excitement and patriotic fervor begins to swell, would anyone really be against starting the celebrations a day early? Oceanside’s Fireworks show at the El Corazon site has just the thing. Grab your picnic chairs, come down and get a head start on the festivities. 

No matter which display you choose for the 4th of July, remember to follow local law enforcement on the night of the big event and make sure to get home smoothly. Nowadays SDPD has exit routes and traffic direction down to a science so travel times are easier every year. Or you can make a mini vacation out of it and stay at one of the many hotels lining the San Diego coastline.

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