5 Alluring Asymmetrical Bobs For Ladies Who Want An Edgy New Look

Asymmetrical bobs are totally making a splash with those who are looking for an edgy look. If you want to go short but don’t want to commit to something like a short pixie or a super short cropped bob, asymmetrical haircuts are the perfect solution!


From asymmetrical a-lines to undercuts and faux hawks, asymmetrical hairstyles are taking the fashion world by storm. There was a time when only those who wanted to break the rules opted for this radical style, However now it is becoming quite mainstream.


There are so many options for stylish asymmetrical bob that you won't feel be left without variety. And what's even better is that you can add color to your tresses to really make your look stand out. Bold colors such as brilliant reds and oranges or even muted tones are a great way to express your individual style!


From simple balayage and subtle highlights to more complex ombre fades, the world of hair color leaves plenty of room for imagination. And what's best about today's hair trends is that anything goes when it comes to color and style!


Are you tired of your longer locks that seem lifeless and dull? Do you want to try a fun new look that really shows off your personality? Why not try an asymmetrical bob? From sleek and straight looks to wild and choppy waves, there is something for everyone!


The best thing about asymmetrical haircuts is that there are no rules. The sky's the limits when it comes to this edgy style. You can go super short on one side and drastically longer on the other or you can opt for even the subtlest difference in length!

Bob cuts, especially asymmetrical styles, are the perfect option for those who have thick hair and are getting bored with their longer style. An asymmetrical bob is the perfect choice as you can keep some of the length. Your hair will look and feel so much lighter!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you have fine or thin tresses and you want to add some life to your limp and listless hair, a bob cut such as asymmetrical style will add so much life and vigor to your hair!


No matter what your hair texture, a bob can add bounce to your locks. As well, it can make you look and feel years younger!

Still, can’t make up your mind? Why don't you take a look at these five bold and beautiful looks for asymmetrical bobs that may just inspire you to be daring and go for it! We are sure that you will thank us in the end!


Don’t forget to pin and share your favorite looks! Are you feeling brave enough to be spontaneous and for a sassy new look?


5 Bold and Daring Asymmetrical Bobs For A Sassy New Style!


1.    Layered A-Line

This classic a-line bob is great for those who want a sleek and polished look. If you need a more refined style for your professional life, or aren’t feeling quite brave enough to go too short and sassy, this smooth and sophisticated cut is the best choice. The shorter layers though will add some bounce and fullness to your hair. With a shorter back and one side just a bit longer than the other, this cut is just edgy enough to say you’ve got some spunk left in you! And the raven black color has so  much sheen and really shimmers in the right lighting!


         2. Sexy Side Swept Lob

This style is a bit more dramatic but still suave enough to wear to work. It’s a bit shorter on one side than the other, but once again, nothing too drastic. You can flip it over to one side for a sexy, come-hither look that says you are not all business! And we think the pretty caramel brown hues blend in so carefully with the darker base!




       3. Shaggy Platinum Blonde Asymmetrical Cut

For those who are ready to embrace their inner blonde bombshell, this slightly shaggy asymmetrical cut is a great choice. The choppy layers are placed randomly throughout to add some body and movement to this sleek and straight style. The peekaboo dark undertones add a bit of depth while the blonde dominates this super sexy style!


      4. Wild and Wavy

Feeling a bit daring and want to go for a look that is both edgy and sexy? This wavy asymmetrical bob is a bit more on the bold side with its dramatically shorter layers on one side. The deep color is very demure and alluring. But we love the tousled waves that add a ton of movement and body to this seductive style that will drive men wild with passion! Style your hair to one side for a flirty vibe.


       5. Adorable Auburn Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

If you are willing to go super short, this slighter longer asymmetrical pixie is too cute for words. The wispy layers that are dramatically shorter thought and on the one sideshow you take yourself just serious enough but have a fun and mischievous nature. And we love the light auburn hues! This look is so whimsical and cute with its tousled layers!


Think you’ve got what it takes to sport one of these bold and sexy asymmetrical bobs? We think so! And we think you should pick up the phone right now and book an appointment and get ready to embrace your daring new look! Maybe you can also buy a new outfit and some sexy new makeup as well! Go out there and get ‘em, girl!