5 Bedroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

In any house or apartment, the bedrooms are probably the most important rooms in the home. Getting a good night of rest is vitally important to anyone’s mental and physical health, so the design and décor of a bedroom can have a large influence on the tranquility and atmosphere of the whole household.

You need bedrooms that are designed to be relaxing and restful and are a welcome retreat from the pressure and stresses of the outside world. No matter what aesthetic style you prefer, minimalist, traditional or classical, your sleep space should be focused around rest and comfort. 

Whether you have the master suite in a mansion or a small box room in an inner-city apartment block, there are some big bedroom design mistakes that you need to avoid if you are going to get a good night of sleep.

The Wrong Colors

Your bedroom’s design décor should be welcoming and relaxing, so you should avoid strong or vibrant colors or color clashes on walls that will be distracting to the eye. Pastel shades or plain colors are a good palette to start with. Don’t think going for plain white walls is the best option, as this can be incredibly bright, even at nighttime. If you want light walls, choose off-white shades.

Don’t Skimp on Storage – Cut Down on Clutter

A cluttered room is not a restful space. Too many people neglect to take their storage needs into account when designing their sleeping spaces. It doesn’t matter how big or small a bedroom is, you should factor in some storage space ideas to help you cut down on clutter and maintain a peaceful space. Underbed storage is a simple solution, use crates or boxes to store anything from hobby supplies to clothes, and choose a color and finish that suits the rest of your space.

The Wrong Bed and Mattress for Your Space

If you have a smaller space to work with then you should consider choosing a bed that has storage incorporated in its design to help you make the most of your space. Only in larger spaces can you afford to choose design over functionality. For a good night’s sleep, you will also need a full sized mattress made from high-quality materials that give you the support and comfort you need for the best rest possible.

Having the Wrong Lighting

Lighting a bedroom is very important. In the daytime, you want access to natural light, but at night you want to cut this down to a minimum to help you get the best rest possible. People often make the mistake of over-lighting a bedroom from overhead and not giving themselves enough lighting options. Reduce the wattage of overhead lightbulbs and give yourself some table and floor lamps to light your room with instead.

Choosing a Mashup of Furniture Styles

Just like with paint schemes, you should try to avoid choosing furniture that clashes in style or shade. When you are on a budget, it can be tempting to try and get away with using second-hand furniture and hand-me-downs from friends and family, but this can make a space that should be restful and relaxing disorganized and chaotic. Making an investment in a bedroom set that matches is well worth it, as you will get a more peaceful night’s sleep and a much better design and décor.

If you can manage to avoid these five-boudoir design faux-pas, then you should be able to design a sleeping space that is soothing and relaxing. With a better night of better sleep, your quality of life will be improved, and you will be able to achieve greater goals, leading to bigger bedrooms and grander designs!