5 Boho Jewelry Styles You Need To Know

The boho look is all about letting your inner hippy shine. This carefree look encompasses long flowing dresses, lots of embroidery and denim shorts. However, adding jewelry to your boho look can elevate it to the next level whilst making you look and feel great at the same time.


Here, we’ve put together a list of the top five boho jewelry styles you need to know.

1. Long chained necklaces

One of the most coveted pieces of jewelry for a boho look is a long chained necklace. These necklaces range from simple to ornate, and can really add to the carefree nature that you’re trying to convey with your outfit. Whether it’s a gold or silver piece with a colored stone in it, or a beaded piece with a leather strap, boho jewelry is a must have to complete your style. With this style of necklace, remember that longer is better!

2. Tasseled earrings

The boho look is all about tassels. One option is to have tassels on a bag, but why stop there? Tassels also work great on earrings, and they really add a sense of whimsy to your outfit. Choose a style that has a long fringe that is accented by a beautiful clasp that makes your ears stand out. You’ll feel fabulous with your tassel earrings.

3. Beads

Beads go with any look, but a bohemian styled outfit is not complete without beads somewhere. Beads are extremely versatile as they can be used in virtually any accessory that you can think of, but they work especially well for boho jewelry. You can complement your outfit with a stunning beaded necklace, or choose a headband that features a bead design on it. There’s no limit to the possibility of where you can wear beads on your outfit.

4. Metallic and graphic

You may not have considered using metal to accessorize your outfit, but crafted metal with graphic stamping can help you to achieve the perfect boho look. These pieces, which are usually handcrafted and totally unique, can often be found at craft fairs and markets, where you can usually even meet the designer. Not only do these pieces add so much more to your outfit, but the connection you have to the piece ensure that your jewelry means something to you.

5. Minerals and crystals

There are tons of jewelry pieces out there that utilize the beauty of natural minerals and crystals. One of the most common minerals of choice for the boho look is quartz, which can come in a wide variety of colors including amethyst, blue and rose quartz, to the more clearer varieties. Not only do these look great, but it is believed that the metaphysical properties the stone possesses can create healing energies in your life.


Your boho look isn’t complete without a great set of jewelry that will enhance your style and make you feel fabulous. Whether you’re into earrings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets, there are many styles available that you can mix and match to complement any boho look. By using our guide, you can choose the right set of accessories to make your outfit look perfect.