5 Creative Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

Knowing how to decorate a living in such a way that it is not too boisterous or too subtle such as to be unnoticeable can be quite a tall order. However, it is not impossible to pull off a perfect job.  When you set out to decorate your living room, just forget what you saw in the home improvement magazines. The reason for this is because there are so many dynamics involved. One of them is the size of the room. Bigger rooms can be easier to decorate, but more expensive. Smaller living rooms can be a bit complex to decorate because of the space. However, they are cheaper.

Here are 5 creative interior décor ideas for a living room

Choose a homely and hospitable color

The living room is where you welcome most of your guests. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to use colors that are deemed welcoming, warm and hospitable. The color that most experts recommend is canary yellow. It is sweet, it is warm and it definitely shouts, “You are welcome!” to your visitors. By this, we do not mean that you have to paint your walls canary yellow - that would be too bold to a fault. Just get a couch in this color. You may break it with an indigo pillow. Together, these colors work like magic.

A large houseplant does wonders

This does not have to be like a floor to ceiling plant. Get a moderately sized indoor plant, preferably one with large leaves if you have a large living room. It can even become the focal point in the entire room. Note that everything depends on where you place it. Since it is green in color, it is best placed on a brighter background. The pot can look too bare for your taste, so you want to insert it inside a woven basket for good measure. The transformation is out of this world!

Piano adds a touch of luxury

Ok, you couldn’t play the piano if Franz Mozart himself hit you in the face with tunes, but piano turns a bland and boring living room into a haven of wonder and intrigue. Wonder because it adds quite a luxurious touch and intrigue because your guests will be wondering whether you play. For the best effect, make sure it is a black piano, polished and complete with the stool. Your home will look so elegant, oozing luxury from the living room. You can look for old pianos online, and if you can get an antique one, the effect is even greater. You can choose from the best piano brands to incorporate one into your living room.

Bring some versatility in the room

By this, we mean that sticking with one kind of furniture is just so boring, and predictable. Try combining armchairs with a round coffee table. The effect can be subtle yet so effective. You can also toss in one of those stools that can be used as a small table or as a stool to sit on.

A wall mounted TV

Go for the slimmest design that you can find in the market. After all, it is not as if you buy a TV every other year. Check the wall mounting too so that the TV seems to lie as flat against the wall as possible. If you can, have the cables inside the wall so that there is less clutter. That way, one can think that the TV was built as part of the wall.