5 Detox & Wellness Getaways in Palm Springs, California

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5 Detox & Wellness Getaways in Palm Springs, California

Whew! You’ve made it through another holiday with all your family under the same roof. You also stayed strong and pushed through the magnified temptation to overindulge in food and irresistible desserts. For those two reasons alone, you deserve to treat yourself. Join the thousands that go to Palm Spring, California every year to decompress and rejuvenate, especially after the holidays. Located in the Sonoran Desert, Palm Springs is anything but dry. Hot spring and spas, line up and down the city for convenient relaxation. Known for its different leisure activities, this dream destination has something for everyone, even you! A fitting detox is the perfect kick start to any fitness regimen, but don’t stop there.  Give your skin a break with a soothing facial or body scrub designed to hydrate and moisturize the skin to appear healthy and timeless. To help, here are 5 detox and wellness spas that will spark the light to the New Year and the new YOU!


  1. The Spa at Desert Springs


Ok, ok, so this isn’t technically in Palm Springs, but there’s no doubt, that the 25-minute drive is worth every second. Making Forbes “11 Can’t Miss Getaways” list in 2016, The Spa at Desert Springs will melt your stress and worry away. With enough soothing spa packages to satisfy your every need, take time to unwind in one of the many saunas, heated pools, steam room, or lounge areas. Is your appetite too big to settle for only one? Take advantage of their membership packages, and enjoy until your heart’s content. While the women enjoy their facial and massages, men can head over to The Spa at Desert Springs new and cutting-edge fitness center. With more than 4,000 square feet and machines you didn’t know existed, you can flex those muscles all you want. Not a gym head, not a problem! This resort allows you to take advantage of the surrounding desert. Grab a partner for a jog or hike. Don’t forget to try your hand at golf on one of their two Ted Robinson golf courses.


  1. The Spring Resort and Day Spa

Start the new year with a Pressed Juicery juice cleanse at The Spring Resort and Day Spa. Intended to boost your nutrition and get you back to the basics, choose a 3 or 5 day cleanse to break your old habits. The Spring Resort puts your health at the top of their priority list. They care about the ingredients going into your body, using only the highest quality of farm-fresh produce. Worried about the taste? Don’t be! Each juice is crafted in small batches, giving you the cleanest and freshest tastest. Each juice is filled with vitamins and minerals designed to revitalize your body and mind. After a refreshing juice, soak your worries away in one of their 3 inviting mineral pools. Be sure to take advantage of their sauna and spa packages for your next special occasion. Put your wellness at the top of your new year resolution list and The Spring Resort Day Spa, will put you at the top of theirs.


3. Two Bunch Palms Resort and Spa


Known as the “Desert Spa” in the 1940s, Two Bunch Palms Resort and Spa not only cares about you, but the enviorment as well. Becoming the first carbon-neutral resort in America, this resort is a great “cool down” spot for environmentally friendly guest. By installing a solar field, Two Bunch Palms offers its guest naturally warmed waters from the springs at Mircle Hill. Choose between three types of rooms for the atmosphere that’s right for you. With the option for privacy, feel free to unwind in one of their Desert rooms, located just beyond the meditation pond for the intimate getaway you long for! Also, don’t feel guilty if you oversleep. Their sustainable latex beds covered in organic linens would make even a roster oversleep. Now that you know where you’ll be staying, get lost in a deep transformative massage off their full day spa menu. Feel the stress and worries melt away when you let go and let Two Bunch Palms Resort and Spa take care of you. Get clean in a legendary mud bath! You’ll float in a tub filled with a mixture of peat moss and mineral rich clay. Close your eyes and finally feel how everyone is waiting to feel; weightless.


4. La Quinta Resort & Club


Women! No matter who you are or where you’re coming from, La Quinta Resort & Club is waiting for you. Some nights you don’t make it to take your make off. When you wake up you feel guilty for having slept in the night before’s makeup. So you drag yourself out bed and wash your face. La Quinta uses the most effective technologies to serve you the world’s best skincare! Sit back while you rejuvenate and recharge as their products take you on a skin care experience like no other. Choose from the La Quinta Signature Facial, the Hydrafacial or maybe the Reverse Anti-Aging facial! The point is, there are options for women around the world. As the only resort that’s pet-friendly, bring your furbaby along.


5. We Care Spa


Where your passion lies, so does your need to be great. If you’re like most people, the stress that comes with achieving your goals can be heavy. At We Care Spa, they care about your mind, body, and spirit. Their goal is to bring you clarity, the power to your passion, and peace to your heart. With a holistic approach, heal yourself from the inside out with the We Care 365 Liquid Nutrition detox. Begin with a pre-fast three to four days before your arrival and you’ll maximize your detox and your overall wellness. Between their 8 day renewal, 6 day retreat, and their 3 day tune-up, there’s enough time to detoxing and rejuvenating with any experience. Take advantage of one of their classes, treatments, an array of products, or a lavish package, full of relaxation. Chose your stay and use any of the 5 different healing stations to tailor your healing uniquely to your body. Try letting the Infra-Red sauna sweat up to 800 calories of your stress and worries away. Once finished, gently float into your daydreams on their relaxing floating bed, which will not only rock you to sleep but increase the oxygen flow to your cells. Winter rates run from late September to early July. Come alone or bring someone, there are specials for both!