5 Energy-Efficient Tips to Keep Your Home Warm this Winter


The heating system of the house accounts for about 70% of the monthly energy bills. This figure can be reduced by keeping your home energy efficient and warm enough. This will not only help cut your energy costs but also meet the energy conservation commitment of your country, along with reducing your carbon footprint. The solution to this energy consumption problem is not really complex and costly. Here are a few simple and energy-efficient tips to keep your home warm this winter. 


  1. Maximize Insulation:

Almost 25% of your home’s internal heat is lost through the roof and windows. The best way to deal with this energy leakage is to get energy-efficient window treatments and install 25cm of insulation throughout your roof. An improperly insulated home uses more energy to keep it warm inside. The more insulated your home is, the more energy-efficient it is and the longer it can be kept warm. Thus, maximize your insulation, so there is less burden on your heating system. It will need to run less frequently, thereby saving you money.


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  1. Turn Down the Thermostat Dial:

World Health Organization recommended that the minimum living room temperature should be kept at 21 C. The tip here is to keep your thermostats low by 100C. This helps you save on your energy bills by 10%. Public Health England recommends keeping your thermostats at 18oC to achieve the energy efficiency of your heating system. This temperature is feasible to avoid the negative impacts of a cold home. 


  1. Upgrade Your Boiler:

Your boiler is one of the primary equipment that is used in winter. So, do not overlook your boiler and visit this website to get the best boiler cover in the UK. It’s also necessary to get annual boiler service done at the beginning of the fall to avoid breakdowns and inconveniences during the season. Moreover, the boiler cover helps keep your boiler running efficiently as it offers unlimited callouts for repairs along with annual boiler service. By getting your boiler all the care it needs, you can actually save money in the long run. Furthermore, if your boiler is older than ten years, it’s time to upgrade it. A more efficient boiler uses less energy to produce heat. 


  1. Seal the Cracks:

It is estimated that you can save up to 25 pounds annually if you drought proof your windows, doors, and floor. You can block out the draughts by yourself for very little cost. Self-adhesive rubber seals and door draught excluders are a cheap and easy DIY project. Use them around your doors, windows, and floor cracks to prevent energy loss. Get those doors and windows sealed before the winter kicks in. 


  1. Make Use of the Sunlight:

Take advantage of the heat from the sun and open your curtains during the day time to let the sunlight in. Make use of the free heat, so there is less burden on your heating system.  Shut your curtain when the sunsets. Curtains add another layer of insulation and keep warmth in your space.