5 Genius Hacks To Brighten Up Your Living Room

5 Genius Hacks To Brighten Up Your Living Room

Your living room is a representation of your entire home. The importance of keeping the living room clean and organized has been stressed enough, but not the value of proper lighting and general brightness. No matter how clean it is, a dull living room can be uninviting sometimes even unappealing. Unbeknownst to many, proper lighting and brightness are the secret to a beautiful living room.


If you're looking to enhance the appearance of your living room, follow these 5 genius hacks to brighten up your living room:


1. Repaint The Walls

When your living room is starting to look dull and boring changing the wall paint should be the first thing you consider. This will bring around new energy into your household almost as if you just fully renovated the living room. Brightly colored paint is advisable, but find out what colors reflect light more like white, to ensure striking brightness.


2. Hang Portraits With Beautiful Frames On The Wall

They may be either family portraits or just an outstanding random drawing that you own. Hanging any of these on the walls of your living room will bring life and warmth into the living room. To make these portraits look more appealing pair them with unique but nice frames. Remember to pick frames of neutral colors for them to blend in well with the color of the walls.


3. Invest In Glass Walls


5 Genius Hacks To Brighten Up Your Living Room

For the perfect natural lighting of your living room, glass walls are undoubtedly the best way to go. Today, the modern architectural company have developed high-quality glass products that are less vulnerable to breaking and the effects of the elements. From Nanawall, you can get a wide range of glass wall options to choose from depending on your tastes and preferences. Some of the most common options include sliding, frameless, and single-track glass walls. Getting your glass walls from a highly trusted provider will ensure that you get the best products that are not as prone to damage as the regular glass material.


4. Add Brighter Accessories

Your living room equipment such as sofa sets, pillows, curtains, flower vases and many more should not be too dull. Bring in some color like gold that blends perfectly well with the color of the walls. The curtains should be brightly colored, preferably white and not too heavy especially on hot days. Investing in a variety of accessories is key as it portrays exquisite taste.


5. Change The Arrangement

Constantly change the arrangement of your living room to introduce a fresh feeling. The items should be arranged depending on where your window, glass wall or any other source of light is. Wherever the source of light is, the household items should face that direction and never against the light. If you choose to place the equipment against the source of light then you are only adding to the already existing dullness. These are just but a few samples of the very many tips to help in brightening your living room up. Do not hesitate to try all of them or at least a few that you find easy to implement. Polishing up your living room is definitely something you would want to try.


How you design and arrange your living room can affect its aesthetic appeal. It also affects comfort, convenience, and practicality to some degree. With the above hacks, brighten up your living space becomes less of a daunting task.