5 Great All Natural Skin Care Ideas Used by Women Across the Globe


Women all over the world will do anything that they can to maintain their beautiful skin and complexion. In fact, in some areas around the globe, women are known for their well-kept, smooth skin. As people travel from one country to another, they may even ask the natives questions about what products or skincare routines that they use to keep their face looking so young and healthy. Regardless of the places that each person travels, they may also find that there are some cultural differences that people may not be aware of. In some situations, you may even find that each country may have its own beauty secrets that they really enjoy sharing with women of other backgrounds. That being said, here are five ideas that you may want to consider as you pick and choose which all-natural ingredients may work for you and your skin’s complexion.

1. Use a Rice Water Mixture As a Facial Rinse

Everyone knows that China is well known for all of the rice that they consume regularly, but this is not the only thing that rice is used for today. In fact, when you look up rice and its rich history, you may also find that the Chinese regard rice as a beauty secret. This is because women that reside in China have been trained to apply rice on their face as a facial rinse. There are many different reasons why rice has evolved into a successful and most coveted beauty secret. One of the most notable is that it contains highly nutritious food with ingredients that cause it to be an antioxidant. This antioxidant can be used to ward off aging and harmful toxins. When Chinese women apply this type of facial rinse to their face, they will wash their face with soaked strained rice. This process is done for about 20 minutes every week to obtain very good results.

2. Try Rosewater As a Facial Cleanser

Using the right cleansers can make a big difference in the overall beautiful appearance of your skin today. For some, you may want to use MIG Soap because of the quality of ingredients and the delicate effects on your skin. Or, if you want to follow the Bulgarian women in using rosewater as a facial cleanser, you can make a mixture of diluted rose oil with water to make an all-natural beauty treatment.

3. Use an Orange Juice Solution to Shrink Your Pores

Women in Costa Rica use a special 50/50 combination of orange juice and water to clean their face. To help to shrink the pores on their face, this mixture is normally applied with a cotton pad. For instance, if you have a cluster of large pores on the surface of your face, this orange juice and water mixture can be used to help combat that. Therefore, the application is simple to do, unless the person does not wash the mixture off with clear water afterward.

4. Use a Combination of Crushed Red Grapes and Flour to Help Your Skin Glow

Do you want your skin to glow just like the Chilean women? Then you need to know what they are doing to keep their skin vibrant and clear. When you are in Chile, you may notice quickly that women's complexions are luminous and not fatigued like women of other countries. The secret that Chilean women use is known to be a mixture of natural ingredients, including white flour and crushed red grapes. When you want your face to really glow after a hard day, you apply the mixture on your face and leave it for about 10 minutes. When complete, you can expect your face to have a warm glow about it.

5. Use Pure Olive Oil to Assist in Facilitating Healthy Skin

As you look for a good beauty treatment for your skin, you may want to consider the skin care secrets that Greek women have used over the years. Even though these women have a number of beauty secrets that they can use to enhance the appearance of their skin, one of the most notable is pure olive oil. Olive oil is a natural antioxidant that fights toxins. Therefore, if you have blemishes that you cannot get rid of, this may be a good effective option for you.