5 Health, Fitness and Beauty Brands and Influencers to Follow

Not that long ago, if you wanted to learn more about certain fitness gurus or brands, you had to either buy a book or check one out at the library, read magazine articles and maybe catch a show about them on TV.

Nowadays, thanks to the popularity and proliferation of social media, it is incredibly easy to follow and learn about lots of individuals, professional trainers companies and more. With a simple click of “Follow” or “Like,” you can stay up to date with people and businesses that share your passion for fitness.

For some tips and advice on who to follow, check out the following suggestions:

Michelle Lewin

With just over 13 million Instagram followers under her belt, Michelle Lewin is one of the most popular fitness influencers on social media. Lewin, who is in her early 30s, has a down to earth personality that makes her very likeable and approachable on Instagram. Lewin will motivate you and help you to work on your fitness goals by posting short videos, and she has created two apps—Fitplan and Mealplan—that offer exercise tutorials and healthy recipes, respectively.


Amway has made quite a name for itself, thanks in part to its high-quality line of Nutrilite vitamins and supplements. If you are interested in learning more about the company and staying abreast of its posts on Nutrilite products, as well as their other health and fitness offerings, consider "liking" the Amway's Facebook page. Recent posts have featured Nutrilite Daily, a supplement that makes it easy to get 24 essential vitamins and minerals, even when you have a ton on your To Do list. Amway also recently explained how the company controls every step in the Nutrilite production process, which may be interesting information for a fitness fanatic like you.

Andy Bellatti

As a fan of a plant-based approach to nutrition, Andy Bellatti likes to share his words of wisdom and support to over 18,000 people on Twitter. A self-described “anti juice cleanse” dietician, Bellatti is opinionated and knowledgeable about food and nutrition and current trends related to both. People who enjoy his Tweets may also follow Bellatti on his web article outlet Small Bites, which you may want to bookmark and follow.

Your Own Personal Gym

If you belong to a gym or yoga studio in your local town, see if they have a Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter account and then follow the company. In addition to providing you with the latest updates on new schedules and/or changes in hours, posts from gyms tend to include motivational quotes, photos of current members, recipes, ideas about new fitness routines and more. Of course, you can also follow gyms even if you are not a member, but if you are it makes sense to do so and stay current with what is going on at your local facility.

Alexis Joseph

Describing herself as a ‘Hummusapien” and devout lover of donuts, Alexis Joseph is a food blogger with a popular Facebook page. Joseph has a knack for taking recipes and transforming them into something inspiring and her posts about wellness are from the heart and are very relatable and positive.

Social Media Makes Fitness Easy and Fun

It is reassuring to know that learning more about your fave fitness people and companies does not involve trips to the bookstore or setting your DVR to record a show. By checking to see who has social media accounts—and these days, probably most of them do—and then following the aforementioned suggestions plus others, you will definitely stay on top of your favorite subject.