5 Makeup Tips For Women Who Wear Glasses


Eyeglasses are some of the most worn accessories around the world. They are often worn as part of daily eye assistance and clinical eye correction. How women look with glasses often depend on the clothes worn and the makeup used so it’s important to learn how to apply cosmetics when wearing glasses. Women use Firmoo glasses to achieve either a chic and sophisticated look, or a serious and innocent vibe.


Makeup application is considered to be one of the most common problems faced by women who wear glasses. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the makeup problem; and there are currently no exclusive cosmetic products for women wearing glasses. However, despite that, women have continued to look their best with spectacles on.


Here are some of the best makeup tips for glasses-wearing women:


1. Mind your lashes


Eyeglasses can accentuate your eyes but sometimes there are problems with products and how they react with your lens. One of the most common problems with glasses is interference with lashes. Here are some tips on how you can do your lashes:


  • Don’t apply dark mascara.
    As a general rule, you should use eyeliner as eyelash enhancement instead of mascara. However, if you really need to use mascara, you can go for clear-colored gel-type mascara.

  • Go natural.

Avoid putting product on your eyelashes as much as possible. Instead, you can use false eyelashes without any mascara.

  • Curl your lashes.

Uncurled lashes are restrictive to your eyesight, and could cause problems like makeup sticking on your lenses.


2. Learn how to highlight and contour


Most of the time, your glasses cast shadows on your face and the best thing you can do to counter the dark shadows is to lighten up some certain parts of your face. Here are some of the ways to highlight and contour your face:

  • Use the appropriate type of contour

If you are using powder foundation, make sure to use powder type contours as well.

  • Do not use bronzer

Bronzer can leave sparkles on your lens. You can instead look for an eyeshadow palette which is good for contouring.

  • Choose a shade lighter than your actual skin color

Use a lighter foundation and it is best to begin in the area near to your nose as well as under the eyes then spread it out evenly. Then, do the contour just below the cheekbones to give depth and contrast.

  • Highlight where you conceal

When using a highlighter, it should be applied under your eyes covering the same area as your concealer. The added highlight will brighten up your eyes.


Your frames are prone to attracting liquid-type foundations so make sure you set your foundation properly.


3. Use concealer to hide dark circles under your eyes


The problem, if you are wearing an eyeglass, is it will cast a dark shadow under your eyes. If you already have naturally dark circles under your eyes, your glasses tend to emphasize them even more. Here are some steps to concealing your dark under eyes:

  • Start creating a triangle shape as the base at the bottom part of your eye

  • Make sure to use only just one light shade of the concealer

  • Use a concealer brush to blend it well

  • Finish off with setting powder


4. Do your brows


Every girl wants to have perfect eyebrows and it’s achievable even when wearing your favorite eyewear. Having natural-colored eyebrow is important; and you have to also make sure that the shape of your brows matches the style and size of the frame you’re wearing:

  • If you have glasses with bolder frame, opt for thinner drawn brows.

  • Glasses having thinner frames suit full and defined brows.

  • Extend your brows further if you are having large frame glasses.


5. Don’t forget your lips


Balance is the key to everything. You can either emphasize your lips or your eyes but never both. If you’re planning to go heavy on the eye makeup then make sure to keep your lips as natural as possible. You can use a neutral shade of lipstick with just lip gloss. Do a gradient effect to create more depth on your lips. If you’re planning to play with a light eyeshadow palette, you can go for a bold red lipstick to enhance your look.




These days, glasses are considered to be accessories more than optical necessities so you should choose them according to your face shape. Women of all ages do necessary adjustments to their cosmetic choices to accommodate their eyewear options. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can always rock your own style, accessorize with cute earrings and do your own thing.