5 Reasons Why Rec Tec Wood Pellet Grills Rock!

5 Reasons Why Rec Tec Wood Pellet Grills Rock!


Search the internet for a quality wood pellet grill and the name Rec Tec is sure to appear repeatedly. Rec Tec wood pellet grill reviews from Amazon to Huffington Post consistently praise the brand for its commitment to quality, durability and performance. 


If you’re thinking about purchasing your very own Rec Tec, there are plenty of reasons to do so, but these are the top 5 reasons why Rec Tec rocks:

1. Temperature Control Technology

The ability to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the grilling or smoking process is the most important feature of a quality pellet grill. In fact, the best wood pellet grills utilize PID technology to regulate temperature control more precisely than earlier analog controllers. Left alone, your Rec Tec grill eliminates the need to constantly monitor your cooking. 


A PID algorithm, or proportional-integral derivative algorithm, combines SMART technology with a conventional PID controller to provide automated temperature control that adjusts fuel levels as needed to maintain the desired temperature.


Rec Tec Grills use a patented PID temperature controller, a control loop mechanism used in manufacturing devices and industrial systems that require modulated control. Their Smart Grill Technology is trademarked and is widely considered the gold standard for temperature control in the industry.

2. Electric Auger System

Rec Tec pellet grills like the RT 340 and RT 300 are famous for their electric auger system, which feeds wood pellets to the firepot as needed. The auger is essentially a large, long screw that regulates fuel based on the grill’s thermostat reading. All you do is fill the hopper, and the auger does the rest. 


Connected to the controller by SMART technology, the auger is a simple but delicate device which can greatly impact the performance of your grill. A damaged or defective auger motor, for instance, can prevent your pellet grill from heating up efficiently. It will take longer to reach the desired cooking temperature if the auger is unable to feed wood pellets to the fire pot.


For this reason, the auger needs to be kept in good working order, free of debris build-up that can cause obstructions. Fortunately, Rec Tec does offer a replacement auger motor for their wood pellet grills.


Rec Tec Auger Motor Replacement Video


3. Pellet Consumption

Rec Tec thinks of everything, even the fuel consumption. Their brand of 100% natural wood pellets are designed to burn at a rate of 1 pound per hour at 225°F in summer conditions. By comparison, the average wood pellet grill requires 4 - 5 pounds of pellets per hour! 


Burning wood pellets efficiently saves you money and reduces your clean up time, since there’s less ash and debris remaining after each use. In addition to compressed sawdust, wood pellets include a percentage of water that is released as evaporation during the cooking process. 


You can use any brand of quality wood pellets as fuel for your Rec Tec wood pellet grill. Although it’s a common practice, you don’t actually need to soak wood pellets in water before use. The moisture released by the Rec Tec wood pellets, for example, is enough to keep your meat moist while cooking and eliminates the need for a water tray. 

4. Hopper Capacity

How much wood is enough? Do you regularly smoke large cuts of meat for hours at a time overnight? When choosing the right wood pellet grill for you, think carefully about the frequency of use and the number of guests you serve.


Rec Tec wood pellet grills are available in various sizes, with varying hopper capacities to match. The larger the hopper, the less often you’ll need to reload. The size of the hopper does not impact the performance of your wood pellet grill, but it can provide an added convenience when sufficiently sized. 


Large capacity hoppers are particularly useful for long, overnight smoking. If you plan to slow cook or smoke a very large 12 pound cut of brisket at 225 degrees fahrenheit, for example, you’ll need anywhere from 4 - 6hrs of cooking time. A 15 lb capacity hopper means you can fill it once and you’ll be sure to have more than enough fuel for 5 hrs of cooking. 


Rec Tec wood pellet grills are available with 15, 30, 40, and 53 lb hopper capacity. The RT 2500, for example, has a 53lb hopper. 

5. Durable Construction

While many of the top pellet grill brands use a combination of cast iron, metal and ceramic, Rec Tec grills are constructed for lifetime durability. 


Rec Tec pellet grills use 304 stainless steel for all their critical components. Stainless steel doesn’t rust, so you can generally leave your Rec Tec grill outdoors and it will still perform. It’s still a good idea, however, to cover your grill when it’s not in use and keep it in a dry place. 


For added durability, the igniter rod is ceramic and is built to last 100,000 cycles. As for the firepot, you can literally park a dump truck on it, it’s so strong. 


There’s a lot of decisions that go into which smoking you would want to use, and for good reason. The same reason why it’s so important to pick the right wood chips for your smoker to make sure you get a result you’ll be truly proud of. 


These grills are made to last, so if you’re looking for a serious piece of equipment, this is the pellet grill you have been looking for.