5 Reasons Why You Should Play Golf

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Contrary to some people’s belief, golf is not a sport for a particular group of people with special characteristics. You can get yourself a set of clubs and start playing this old sport as soon as you wish to. You should plan to go on an Algarve holiday in Portugal where you can enjoy the golfing experience even more.

You may wonder what you stand to gain from including playing golf in your recreational pursuits. Here are five reasons why you should


Golf is a flexible sport that makes it accessible and open to everyone. You can play all by yourself or with several individuals. The sport does not discriminate against your age or social status. Like the infamous Tiger Woods, you can start playing at age 2 and continue well into your advanced years to beat the oldest golfer in history aged 103 years old. Regardless of whether you are from the back street or the crème de la crème of society, the golf course welcomes you.


Playing golf can be fun because it is hitting a ball with a club literarily. Besides, you get to play in a beautiful environment. The pleasure builds even more when you successfully hit the golf ball into the holes with a minimum number of strokes. Each game is different from the previous thereby keeping it interesting and heightening the sense of pleasure at the same time. Also, you can drink or eat during a game of golf. Imagine snacking on one of your guilty pleasure while you shoot the ball down a hole. It can’t get any better than that.


The game of golf requires both mental and physical expertness which helps to promote the player’s overall wellbeing. The brain and mind get exercised as you plan and figure out how to make each hole. Walking the length and breadth of the golf course as you hit the white ball helps to keep your heart and circulation in top shape.

One standard game of golf can help you burn between 400 to 700 calories as studies show that completing an 18-hole golf game requires walking six miles.

Great Impression

Golf is said to be a Gentleman’s game. The reason it acquired this name is because of the etiquette associated with the game. The manner of play also does not require you getting dirty and ruining your clothes. The game helps you create a good first, second and maybe the third impression on co-players with all the respect, good manners that make the fabric of the game.

Furthermore, while playing golf, you can improve connections, seal business deals and boost your career by the networking opportunity it breeds.

Life lessons

It is not only from the ant that you can learn, but the game of golf can also teach you some important life lessons. One worthy of mention is fairness. Fairness is a foundational principle of the game. You ply the ball as it lays and the golf course as you find it. There is no room for manipulation or tricks. This makes you face life, using the same principle in golf. In other words, playing golf helps you learn to live life regardless of the hand it deals you.

In conclusion, if you are still waiting for more reasons to start playing golf, then you probably didn’t read this blog from the beginning. Read this blog one more time and you will be a golfer in no time. If you are curious about the origin and all the mechanics of playing golf, you can refer to Wikipedia.