5 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Cricket and Other Teams Sports

Physical activity is the key to staying healthy and fit. Some people prefer the gym, some love jogging and cycling. However, there is a type of people who need a work-out process to be interesting and competitive. That is where team sports like cricket and soccer come in: it is a perfect way to maintain physical activity and enjoy the process. Do you still have some doubts about trying team sports? Here are the top five reasons you absolutely should.

  1. Popularity

One of the main reasons it is so easy to start playing team sports is their popularity across the globe. It does not matter which country you are from: people everywhere know about cricket, soccer, basketball, and baseball. You can follow the SportsAdda.com news on your favorite cricket or soccer team easily and find the motivation to do sports. Moreover, you will be able to easily find a sports club if you want to play popular team sports.


  1. Teamwork

Another reason to go to team sports is the ability to work with others. Unlike single-player sports, you need to work with your colleagues as one united system to achieve something. Many parents choose such sports as soccer, basketball, and hockey to teach a child to be a part of a team. It is a very useful skill that all adults need. Considering we live in a society, an ability to work with others is a career-booster.


  1. Meeting new people

It is also a fact that team sports help people make friends. When a child starts playing team sports, his teammates become their friends. Moreover, it is very convenient that you will have a lot in common with those people: it makes the process of making friends easier and less stressful. You have probably seen adults getting together on the weekends after work to play soccer or basketball. It is a way of socializing as well as keeping a body fit.


  1. Confidence

Team sports boost confidence. Although to achieve something in these kinds of sports, players need to work as a team, there is still a competitive aspect. Teammates compete with each other during practices to be the best. That is why when a team or a single player achieves something, it boosts confidence and self-esteem.


  1. Physical activity

One of the most important reasons to start playing cricket or any other team sports is physical activity. To stay healthy and have an active lifestyle, it is necessary to work out regularly. Some people prefer going to the gym, but for some, it is very boring. For the latter, a team sport is a perfect solution. It will not only be a great way of exercising, but also an interesting activity.


  1. Discipline

When it comes to discipline, there is no better way to learn it than doing team sports. For this reason, a lot of parents choose soccer or cricket for their children: it is a way to teach kids discipline and responsibility. If you practice alone, you are responsible just for yourself. However, if you are part of the team, there is no room for slacking and being immature. Moreover, you learn to always be considerate of others. Doing team sports, you learn to always put the team’s needs before your personal interests. It can be very helpful in the future while building a career.


To conclude, team sports are a great physical activity. Besides maintaining a fit and healthy body, team sports will teach you discipline, being a part of the team, and meeting new people.