5 Reasons You Should Know Your Neighbors Better

5 Reasons You Should Know Your Neighbors Better

There was a time when everyone knew everyone else in their small community. Those days are long gone. Now, it’s not unusual for people to have no clue who lives in their street. Residents might never speak to their next-door neighbor – we’re all too busy pursuing careers and immersing ourselves in the online world to care much about who lives in close proximity to us. However, no matter how busy you are, it’s a good idea to get to know your neighbors better. Here are five reasons why. 


Security is the number one reason why it’s sensible to get to know your neighbors. Friendly neighbors are far more likely to notice if someone is hanging around your perimeter, casing the place for a late-night breaking and entering spree. Neighborhood watch schemes thrive when people living in the community share a joint desire to make the neighborhood a safer place. 

On a slightly different tangent, it’s also good to know if your neighbors are a security risk. The quiet elderly gentlemen living at number 1008 might be a convicted felon. Sure, he’s probably harmless, but wouldn’t you rather know? 

Use a service like Nuwber to check out who’s living in your neighborhood. Search by address to check the background of anyone living close by. Ignorance is not always bliss. 

A helping hand

A problem shared is a problem solved. Think how handy it would be if your hunky neighbor was available at a moment’s notice to unclog the sink or remove a pesky spider from the shower. 

Good neighbors are an excellent support system. You can call on them for practical and emotional support, during bad weather, relationship strife, a death in the family, and more. 

Make lasting friendships

It’s often hard to make new friends when you first arrive in a new town. But remember, you have one thing in common with your neighbors – yes, you all live in the same neighborhood! 

Reach out and see which people you get along with. There will be some people who you don’t hit it off with, but if you make one or two lasting friends, isn’t it worth making an effort?

Vacation caretaker

Going on vacation means leaving your home unattended. We have already covered the security advantages of getting to know your neighbors, but have you considered how useful neighbors are when it comes to taking care of house plants and small pets?

Your neighbors are the ideal people to ask when you have fish to feed and delicate orchids to nourish in your absence. Give them a key and some instructions, then reward them with a thoughtful gift upon your return. 

Build a sense of community

Don’t underestimate the value of a close-knit community. When you get along with your neighbors and build long-lasting friendships, life is so much nicer in all respects. 

Make an effort to say hello and get to know your neighbors better. You never know, you might actually like some of them! And if one or two turn out to be less than desirable, forewarned is forearmed.