5 Reasons to Have a Professional Profile on Snupit to Grow your Business




If you operate a business that provides services to customers, such as renovations, lessons or other business services, Snupit can help your business grow. Created just over five years ago, Snupit is a gathering place for business professionals and consumers. Business owners can list services they provide, while consumers can use the site to find professionals that offer high-quality service options. 

New professionals are enrolling in Snupit every month as they see the resource site as a way to grow their business. The site provides an excellent resource for lead generation projects. Business owners can manage projects online, including submitting project details, provide quotes for potential clients, listing photos of services or projects completed and so much more. 

Consumers can view the profiles of businesses listed on the site and then choose a professional that meets their service needs. As a business owner, a quality profile can generate leads, which means more customers and increased revenues. 

Building a Quality Profile

A scorecard system is integrated into the Snupit site that can be used to push your business to the forefront of search results. The more points your business has on the scorecard system, the higher you are placed in search results. The business hire format allows you to control how many points you have to help you become noticed more by potential clients. 

Points are provided based on certain aspects of your profile. Twenty points will be awarded for five or more photos added to your profile. Fifteen points are offered for a tag line while your About Us section awards 20 points for 40 or more words. 

A Q & A section provides 10 points while the contact info offers another 10 points. When you have five or more reviews on your profile, an additional 25 points are awarded. 

The goal of any business on Snupit should be to build a strong profile. With more information added to your profile, points are awarded. The points help to push your business to the front page of search results. Let’s say you offer a plumbing business. You have a full profile with photos, questions and answers section, about us is filled out and you have customers that have reviewed your business. 

With points provided to your profile, when consumers log on to Snupit and search for plumbers in the region, your business pops up during the first page of results. This helps you to have more traffic to your profile and website, which leads to more business. 

Working on your Snupit profile will ensure an increase in customers, which helps your business to grow. As you build your profile on the site, be sure to ask current clients to visit the site and provide a rating. With constant updates to your profile, the right demographic will be reached, and your business will continue to be successful. 

Use this resource to your advantage. With a little time and effort, a proper profile can be built that increases lead generation for your business, helping to push your services to the forefront of the industry in which you work.