5 Signs That You Need Air Conditioner Repair

AC breakdowns during summer can be one of the worst nightmares. But often, it doesn’t happen out of the blue. Air conditioning systems will typically give off some warning signals before stopping completely. Early detection of those signs can help you prevent bigger problems and save you from unnecessary hassles. 


Here are five signs that will tell you it's time to call an HVAC specialist. 


1. Bizarre Noises


Most ACs emit a low noise while starting up or shutting down. But sudden, heavy, and unusual noises can indicate major problems with the air conditioning system. Buzzing or knocking sounds can point to a loose component, while grinding or hissing noises can indicate something serious. Often, these sounds do not go away on their own without professional tuning. 


2. Water Leakages 


An active leakage or pooling of water around the AC is a crucial indicator that the air conditioner is not functioning properly. The leakage of water from the AC can not only wreck the system, but it can also damage your home. 


3. Exceptionally High Humidity


Your AC should automatically moderate the humidity level. If your air-conditioning system cannot maintain a comfortable moisture level, it indicates that your AC needs a repair. An HVAC professional can tell you whether you need a total-house dehumidifier or a plain re-calibration. 


4. Inadequate Airflow 


Insufficient flow of air signals that your AC is not functioning efficiently. Blocked air filters or clogged ducts may be the culprit. It can also be something more serious like a damaged motor or a leak in the ductwork. You should not neglect inadequate airflow, because if the problem lingers for a long time, it can ruin your air-conditioner.  


5. Hot Air and Bad Odors


When your AC blows out hot air, you need to inspect the thermostat. If the thermostat is already in "cooling mode" and your air conditioner is still venting hot air, there might be a problem with the compressor. 


If any unpleasant odor emanate from your air conditioning system, you should address the problem before it gets worse. Most likely, microbial growth within your AC is the source of the bad smell. You will need a complete clean-up session to eliminate the problem.  


You will usually get signals from your air conditioning system before it crashes. Addressing the problem early, with the help of a leading air-cooling expert like ActronAir, can save you a lot of money and unwanted stress.