5 Signs Your Water Heater Is About To Die

You never really think about your hot water until suddenly you don’t have any. How old is your water heater? How much life does it have left?


These are questions many homeowners don’t have the answer to. Yet, it is important to know these things since a water heater is not meant to last forever.


It often pays to replace your water heater before it dies on you. The last thing you want is to have to be without hot water while you replace a defunct heater, or worse, to have to call a company like United Restoration to clean up the water damage from a leaky heater.


In this article, I will go over the signs that your water heater probably needs to be replaced.


1 - It is leaky


If you are seeing little pools of water under your water heater, then it likely is getting old and some of the seals are wearing out.


If your heater is not that old and you feel like it should still have some life in it, then you could probably have the leaks repaired. If you do see some signs of leaking, then you really need to look into some damage insurance for your home as these leaks can become serious over time.


When your heater is approaching the 10-year mark, then it doesn’t make sense to fix it and should be replaced.


2 - Makes rumbling noises


When your heater starts making popping noises or sounds like it is rumbling then those are noises that should not be ignored.


Those noises could simply mean you need to flush the mineral build-up from your heater if you live in an area with hard water, but it could also mean that your heater is close to springing a leak. 


3 - Cloudy or rust-colored water


Noisy heaters combined with rust-colored water coming out of your taps can spell a heater ready to give up the ghost. The inside of your heater is beginning to corrode and it would be far too costly to fix. In this case, you are better off just buying a new one as this one is close to giving out.


4 - Water doesn’t stay hot enough


When your hot water doesn’t last long, then it could be a sign, but it doesn’t always mean it is going to die soon.


There may be a build-up of sediment in your heater that is affecting how much water the tank actually has. In this case, it can be flushed and your heater will work normally again.


If it has recently been flushed and still doesn’t give much hot water then this is a sure sign that it needs to be replaced. 


5 - Age of the heater


Let’s suppose that your heater has not shown any warning signs of imminent failure. If the age of the unit is approaching 12 years then it likely is not going to last much longer anyway.


You may want to replace it now just to avoid the headache of it going out on your without any warning.