5 Simple Alternatives to Sympathy Flowers

Life is full of up and downs. Just when you feel like you are riding the crest of a wave, you can suddenly find yourself the victim of serious injury or reeling from the death of someone close to you. It is at this time that you are likely to be in desperate need of support from those around you. The problem is that is can be hard for people to know how to approach someone to lend a hand or show that they are sympathetic in such a sensitive situation. Sometimes the best thing that one can do is to buy a practical or thoughtful gift. Read on for a list of good gift ideas to show sympathy that break from the cliché of a bunch of flowers.


  1. Send a basket filled with gourmet food

At the worst of times, it can be hard to find the motivation to look after yourself in the best way possible. That is why one of the most thoughtful gifts that money can buy for somebody who is grieving are sympathy hampers. Containing all the specialised treats that will make eating easy and enjoyable for a few days while the person gathers the emotional strength to pull themselves through the darkest period, you can’t go wrong with a sympathy hamper.

  1. Create a keepsake box

Collect up all the items, photos and videos of your fondest memories of the deceased and put them into a decorative box. When you send the box of keepsakes to the mourner, include a note explaining what each piece of memorabilia means to you. This is a great way of showing the person that the loved one who they have lost will never be forgotten.

  1. Send a cheque to help cover funeral costs

What many of us do not realize until we lose someone close to us is that funerals do not come cheap. Depending on the person’s financial situation, the best way that you may be able to help is to send a little something to help them negotiate many hidden costs of laying someone to rest.

  1. Design a personalised sympathy note and card

There are many things that are best expressed in written form. Sometimes the most touching thing that one can receive in the wake of a bereavement or an unfortunate diagnosis is a message written straight from the heart. Design a card with a poignant photo of the person in question and a personal message written inside.

  1. Offer to help

A person in mourning is likely to be inundated with gifts and flowers. Taking this into consideration, sometimes offering your assistance on day-to-day task can be much more useful than giving anything material.


There are many things that you can do for someone who has recently lost someone that do not include flowers. When it comes to deciding which road to go down, try to put yourself in the person’s shoes and think about what would be most useful to them at the moment.