5 Smart Home Technology Items your Home Needs for 2020

Photography By Bruce Mars Pixal

From locking your doors remotely to streaming music via voice commands to turning on your lights from your phone, technology has leaped forward over the years. The best home devices are designed to make your life more convenient. But they do a whole lot more too. Smart home technology devices can save electricity costs, keep you updated with information and even alert you in an emergency. Take a look at these must-have smart home technology items for 2020 –

Amazon Alexa / Google Home

No smart home is complete without the Amazon Alexa or Google Home device assisting you with your day-to-day life. Get the latest news and weather updates as you prepare your breakfast every morning, control smart home gadgets, play your favorite music and even purchase things online – by simply using voice commands. How easy!

Robot Vacuums

It's never easy keeping your house clean especially if you just bought your first home, but a strong performing robot vacuum can make things a whole lot easier – and you do half the work for the same results. Featuring advanced sensor technology and powerful cleaning suction, a smart robot vacuum will identify the best cleaning path with minimum fuss. Get smartphone control options to make it a truly smart home technology choice this 2020.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are the perfect way to help you maintain comfortable indoor temperatures while reducing your energy bills. These devices constantly monitor humidity and heat or cold levels and adjust the temperature accordingly. You can connect them to your Google or Amazon device and internet too – giving you full control from your smartphone even when you're away from home. Here is a PC Mag review of the best thermostats for 2020.

Remote Lighting

Controlling your lights from anywhere at any time is now a reality with plenty of smart lighting systems on the market. Most of them use energy-efficient bulbs, which brings down your energy bills over time. Turn them off or down, dim them to set the mood – the choice is yours. Plus, they give you complete control even when you're on vacation, so no one ever has to know the house is empty.

Smart Security Systems

If you invest in a smart home, you'll also want to protect it with a smart security system. Security cameras are ideal because they provide 24/7 property surveillance – serving as deterrents and for detecting unusual activity. You can even invest in smart locks with key codes that can be accessed remotely – so you can let people in if you're not home. Camera doorbells allow you to see who's at the door on your smartphone or some other device so you can communicate with visitors no matter where you are. Most of these smart security systems are wireless, which removes the need for any complicated installations.

Game-changing technology has made homes so much smarter in recent years, allowing you to benefit from better convenience and comfort without any effort. What are your must haves?