5 Timeless Classics Every Wardrobe Needs

Fashion trends come and go which means that a wardrobe usually changes drastically over the years and as an individual ages and their tastes and interests change. While this change is healthy and good, there are a few staples which should appear and last in every wardrobe. These timeless classics never go out of style, and they are items which everyone should own. While these pieces can sometimes cost more, it is best to splash a little bit more money on quality from time to time especially as you will get so much use out of them. Here are a few wardrobe essentials that everyone should own.


1. Leather Jacket


Every woman (and man) should own a leather jacket as this is a timeless classic that only looks better as it ages. A rugged yet highly stylish piece, a leather jacket can be worn in a wide variety of social situations and with many different outfits - some are even smart enough to wear into work. Make sure that it is well looked after, and it will be a key item which you can hand down to your kids.


2. Cashmere Top


Cashmere both looks and feels amazing which makes it a great material for any kind of top but particularly sweaters. It is an investment piece and is so soft, stylish and luxurious that it will be worth the money and an item that will last. Places like https://statecashmere.com carry a wide range of beautiful garments that will be a superb addition to any wardrobe and add a sense of luxury to your outfits.


3. Little Black Dress


Every woman needs to have a little black dress in her wardrobe which she can go to when she needs to impress and look her best. A little black dress can be both slimming and smart and worn for a wide range of situations. Black will always be in fashion, and a little black dress can either be dressed up or dressed down with ease.


4. Blazer


A good blazer is another wardrobe staple that can be worn for many situations over the years. It is, of course, a good option if you are looking to dress smart but it can also be dressed down for a more casual look. This is also a highly practical item which is ideal for spring or anytime where the temperature can suddenly drop.


5. Crisp White Shirt


Classic, simple and elegant, a crisp white shirt can make any outfit pop, and it is an effortless piece that will be a staple of your wardrobe for many years. It can obviously be worn for formal occasions or for the office, but equally, it can look great with jeans or tucked into a skirt.


Every wardrobe should include a high-quality version of these items, and these will stand the test of time. Trends come and go, but some things never change which is why these items are so iconic and worth spending that little bit more money on.