5 Tips for Mixing Traditional and Modern Décor Styles


Tips for Mixing Traditional and Modern Décor Styles

Eclectic-style homes have a lot a charm, easily blending many different styles together into one, cohesive design. These types of transitional designs mix traditional and modern décor styles within one space with very compelling results. Rustic modern, is one such design that’s gotten a lot of attention lately, but there are many ways you can mix styles to create your own, unique look, taking elements of traditional and modern decors that appeal to you.

Whether you have a traditional home and a love of modern furnishings, or your home is already transitional in design and you want to continue the style, these five tips will help you make the most of your new space.

1. Create Balance

While there are many times when putting one offbeat element into a room makes the rest of the décor come together, transitional design is not one of them. When blending two distinct styles together, you need to make sure that each is equally represented within the room. Otherwise, the style that is less prominent begins to look out of place.

For example, if you’re creating a rustic modern home and are using Amish living room furniture, you need to keep all the lines and colors in the room very clean and modern to balance the look. This doesn’t mean that for each rustic piece you add you need a contemporary one, just that on the whole, both styles are evenly represented so that you don’t tip the scales too far in any one direction.

2. Find Updated Pieces

Tips for Mixing Traditional and Modern Décor Styles

Many modern pieces have roots in traditional design, so when creating a transitional style, utilizing those pieces that have a foot in each era can really help to bridge the gap. One example of this is the modern coffered ceiling.

Coffered ceilings have been around for centuries and are often part of traditional décor. Using a modern, updated style, though, can give your room a lot of charm and depth, while allowing you to bring in other traditional and contemporary pieces to match.

3. Use Color and Texture

Sometimes transitional designs are used to soften modern décor and make it feel more approachable and comfortable. This is often done through the use of color and texture within an otherwise modern space.

For example, if a contemporary living room looks too stark, consider replacing some of the stainless steel fixtures with oil rubbed bronze. Add more texture to fabrics like throw pillows, and rugs to invite a tactile sense. Paint the walls a warmer, richer color than would otherwise be used in a contemporary setting. You could also add a custom canvas print to your walls.  The result is still a modern room, but one that you can now relax in and feel welcomed by.

4. Add Character

Another way you can blend together different styles is to use materials in the room that have character – something that makes them stand out from either traditional or modern décor. One example is the modern coffered ceiling, but another would be to use something like reclaimed wood wall panels.

Reclaimed wood has a history and character all its own. While not modern or traditional, they do add a lot to a room. Adding with a reclaimed wood panels to your wall, then adding some modern furnishings will create a transitional design that has a lot of depth and interest.

5. Go Modern on the Function

Tips for Mixing Traditional and Modern Décor Styles

While traditional design is certainly beautiful and enduring, it hasn’t always been the most practical or the most comfortable to use. By opting for modern lighting, storage, and textiles in the space, you make the room more functional, and more comfortable. If you’re wondering where the split between the two styles should be, make the decorative areas more traditional, and the more functional sections modern to get more out of the room when it’s complete.

Create Your Perfect Style

One of the best parts about blending a design is the fact that you can do it slowly over time. Add pieces one by one in equal measure until you strike the balance that works best for you. Use these tips to help you mix traditional and modern décor styles in your home, and create a living space as unique as you are.