5 Tips to Freshen Up Your Bedroom Design

Your house is your personal haven, it is your safe place and where you spend most of your time. Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, and it can be easily neglected even though you will spend one third of your life there.


This does not mean breaking the bank to redesign a brand-new room, all you need is some creative ideas on how to freshen up your design.


The following five tips will help you upgrade your bedroom design without the need of a personal interior designer.


  1. Walls

Your bedroom walls are extremely important. Envelop your walls in two different colors to give them depth and texture. You can choose to paint the main four walls one color and go for some contrast color on the ceiling.


Another method is to have two-toned walls, by painting one third of the wall one color, and from there to the ceiling another color. Where the two colors meet you can choose to add some straight line wood molding for texture.


Choose colors that reflect your personality and taste, but try to keep it a bit neutral so it is not too tiring on the eye. For example, on a two-tone wall you can do one third as gray and leave the top white. Go for a beige molding to tie it together.


Paint and molding can be purchased for under $60 in most DIY stores. (for one room)


Once you are done painting your walls, add some art. Either get one big art piece to bring all the attention to that as a focal point. Or make the room more cozy and warm by framing a few of your favorite pictures. One thing is for sure, accessorizing your walls is a must, as it brings a feeling of completion and personalization to the room.


  2. Bed

If you are looking to freshen up the design, there is no need to replace furniture. For your bed consider a new set of classic sheets, or you can even splurge a little bit here and get yourself a premier sheet set.


Have you ever noticed that when you spend a night at a 5 star hotel, you wake up feeling more refreshed and less tired?


The type of sheets you choose, when it comes to quality, will play a major role in the quality of sleep you get.


Good fabrics help regulate the temperature of our bodies. The perfect pair of sheets is designed to be the balance between keeping your body cool enough so you are not sweating, but warm enough so you are cozy and comfortable.


If you feel the need to upgrade your mattress as well, instead of spending a months' salary for a new one, try to hack the process by adding a new mattress top for a fraction of the price.  


Replace your duvet to match your sheets. Preferably choose a color that complements your wall paint. For example, if part of your wall color is dark gray, your duvet can be light gray. Avoid using the same color for everything.


Rather choose a color palette of three to four colors and use those colors to complete the room.


Do not forget about your pillows, as we are supposed to be replacing them every year on average, depending on their quality.


3. Lights

Lights are given the serious role of setting the mood in a room. Unless your bedroom is really small, then you need a combination of different sources of light.


A nice main central light source can become the focal point to the room. Choose a simple or complex chandelier. Go for a simple design if the rest of the room will have many accessories or busy textures. On the contrary, if your room is for the most part simple and clean, you can add some drama by choosing a more complex chandelier design.  


You will need bedside lamps, and if you want, you can even add some track lighting behind a desk or your TV, or around the floor, lining the bed.


All of these lighting upgrades can be done for around $100.


4. Floor

Assuming you will not be changing your flooring, we suggest you buy one big rug (keep in mind your color palette) or two to three smaller ones to place around your bed.


Here is some basic advice, if your duvet and curtains are busy in design, keep your carpeting monotone. If however, your duvet and your curtains are simple in design feel free to add a bit more pizazz to the room by choosing a carpet with a complex design.


5. Accessories

Accessories will make the room yours. This is where you get to have some fun and add some throws on the bed, or a couple of decorative pillows.


Some other ideas for accessorizing your room include plants, artwork, a couple of wooden giraffes you picked up on your last trip to Africa, or even a bookshelf showcasing your favorite books.  


You can add a big clock on the wall, or add some large candle holders in a corner.


Accessorizing your bedroom can be achieved for under $50 or even for zero if you utilize objects you already have in the house.


We hope you enjoy the process and do not be afraid to experiment with new colors and ideas.

Sebastian Morales is Founder and CEO of Good & Bed. Prior to Starting Good & Bed, Sebastian was an investment banker based in New York City.