5 Tips to Perfect Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

Woman in Lingerie

So, you’ve planned your romantic night out with your sweetie and picked out the perfect outfit to suit the alluring mood. Now here comes the real challenge. Wearing the perfect lingerie is the cherry on top of a magical Valentine’s date night. Unfortunately, donning just the right look can be tricky. Cut–outs, straps and lace embellishments aren’t always the easiest details to sort through. Go the extra mile this Valentine’s Day and wear some seductive after–hours attire to set the tone for the night.

It’s important to keep a few suggestions in mind when delving into all the bells and whistles of the lingerie world but, if done well, your loved one will appreciate the effort you put into amping up the sexiness. 

Remain true to your style. If girly outfits are something you gravitate toward, you’ll probably be drawn toward sweet and sexy lingerie styles. If edgy fashion is more your thing, wild and risky lingerie will probably be the way to go. Just because you’re sporting lingerie for this special occasion doesn’t mean you should abandon your style. Ultimately, you want to still feel like you, maybe just a sexier, amplified version of yourself.

Wear something in which you feel confident. It goes without saying: confidence is sexy. It’s impossible to exude your sexy, sultry side if you don’t feel confident in what you’re wearing. Pick out lingerie that compliments your favorite features. Teddies, corsets and baby dolls are just a few options that can flatter your body shape.

Pick out something you both mutually love. While you want to feel confident in what you’re wearing, it’s also key to think about what your significant other might like to see. Meeting in the middle to find something you’ll both mutually love can really spice up your Valentine’s night. If compromise is key in every relationship, it’s no different when picking out the perfect lingerie.

Be playful and festive. Reds and pinks are the colors of the holiday, so here’s the perfect opportunity to play up this day of romance. Of course black lingerie will always be sexy, but why not try a different festive color for this special occasion? Be extra playful and celebrate Valentine’s Day in an unforgettable way.

Complete the look. Finish off your sexy look with polished makeup and hair. Big, loose curls and a subtle smokey eye will pair well with any lingerie set you choose. Again, it’s all about what makes you feel confident. Dabbing a pearly eyeshadow in the center of your bottom lip to make lips appear fuller can be the final touch to complete the look.

Valentine’s Day is the time to indulge in all things romantic. Cheers to a perfect Valentine’s filled with love and little lacy things.