5 Top Trends For Kitchen Counters Design In 2020


The right countertop defines the direction your kitchen décor will take. Again, the counter is also an essential part of the kitchen as most of the activities occur there. When you are doing a kitchen renovation, the first thing you need to look at is your counter. Today, it is possible to repair a kitchen counter if it is not so beat. This way, you do not have to buy a new counter.


It matters the material, finish, kitchen counters design, and patterns of the countertop you use. If you want simplicity, pick the right color and material, and you are good to go. Read on to learn more about countertop trends in 2020.

Kitchen Countertop Trends to Expect in 2020

Quartz Still Reigns

Before quartz, granite used to rule the countertop market. However, thanks to the high-quality state of quartz, the low-maintenance requirements, and the durability, quartz has been the king of countertops for some time now. Granite comes in a variety of colors; it is strong and lasts relatively long. However, granite is porous. With time, water and other liquids will seep through the counter, causing nasty stains that and ultimately damaging the counter. You can prevent the damage by sealing the countertop, but the sealant wears off with time. You have to keep resealing the countertop throughout its lifetime.

Quartz is nonporous, and this is why it will stay as the king of countertops. You do not need to seal the counter, and it does not develop stains easily. Again, quartz is very strong and will last long after other counter materials are worn out. A countertop design with quartz comes with an extensive collection of colors and patterns, seeing that any color can be added to the countertop during the manufacturer. One of the trending finishes today is matte. 

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Honed and Polished Finishes Fight for Space

Trends are moving towards textured and tactile surfaces. While these surfaces have not been widely applied on countertops, they are starting to show on countertops. Honed and leather surfaces are easy to apply to marble, granite, and quartz. Polished surfaces, on the other hand, have been used for ages. Nevertheless, honed and leather surfaces have their advantages. 

A honed finish has no shine. The look achieved with a honed finish is dependent on the stone type, but in general, a low sheen and a smooth surface are the most common. If you have a marble countertop, you can try a honed finish as its lack of shine matches the honed surface.

A leathered finish gives a soft sheen; it is less glossy and provides a different feel. With a leather finish, you can see the natural color of the stone. Again, it hides fingerprints and water spots perfectly, which makes it an excellent choice for many homeowners.

Veins and Patterns as Countertop Trends

Today, countertops come in a variety of colors, veins, and patterns. You can choose any pattern that meets your tastes and preferences and that which defines your personality. Instead of the block colors and round particulates that would appear on countertops a few years ago, you can have any style you need today. 

One of the quartz countertop ideas is to develop slabs that look like natural stone. Ergo, if you like the look of granite and the durability of quartz, you can have quartz designed to the look of natural granite stone. When you add an excellent looking finish to the kitchen, you will end up with a kitchen that meets your personality.

The varied finishes, such as honed or leathered finish, allow you to match your kitchen counter with other elements such as the floor, cabinets, and backsplash, among others.

A Kitchen Sink to Match the Counter

An advanced countertop will not look as great if the sink does not get the same upgrade treatment. The integrated sink rocked through 2019 and a few years before that. Today, those integrated sinks are still in many homes, but they are slowly losing the battle to more custom sinks. In 2020, expect to see sinks with different finishes, styles, and sizes to match the specific needs of your kitchen.

Matte black sinks with brass sink fixtures will trend in 2020. You might also not see the silver metal sink finishes. If you have an oversized fridge, having an oversized sink will create an excellent balance and offer great functionality. Again, as kitchens and counters take more space in a house, it is only ideal that you have a large sink to match the size. You can expect new sink designs, such as farmhouse sinks, to come up in 2020. 

Neutral Tones and Unexpected Trends as Countertop Design 

Most homeowners prefer soft neutral tones today. The bold colors that have dominated kitchen counters for long are slowly fading away. As such, bright black or blue counters will pave the way for soft grey and beige tones. These tones started gaining popularity in 2018, and they have held on until today.

To balance the neutral tones, you might find mosaic patterns on the ceiling standing against the neutral counters. Other tones that might form part of quartz countertop ideas include dull browns and light blues. You might also see off-whites, neutral beige, and ashy gray countertops. 

The use of neutral tones on countertops comes to match the excessive use of lighting in kitchens. Huge windows, folding glass, and skylights are finding their way into kitchens. With neutral tones and bright light, you get an enhanced brightness that gives your kitchen a modern feel.


Homeowners are becoming more creative with kitchen counter design. As such, you might see unique kitchen counter designs in 2020 moving forward. The mix between modern and retro designs will continue as homeowners look for warm and comfortable spaces. Today, countertop manufacturers can create custom designs, and that is what most homeowners might go for. These custom designs make kitchens unique and bring out the personality of the homeowner. If you have a pattern in mind, you can design that countertop uniquely for your kitchen.