5 Unique Places to Get Married in San Diego

A Nice Day for a Winsome Wedding

University Club

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Spring is finally here, and that means a lot of things: fresh flowers, warm days, the yearly crack at unpacking the closet and, of course, weddings. Everyone wants their wedding to be something special; something that you, your spouse and all your guests will remember for years to come. There are plenty of ways to set your wedding apart, but one way to ensure your big day is one they never forget is to have a unique venue. Getting married in a church is a time–honored tradition, the beach can be amazingly romantic, outside with nature all around is a beautiful option—but these are all played–out, ho–hum choices you’ve seen a dozen times before. Maybe you like to set yourself apart, live life on the edge, forge a new path. If you’re one of those people, boy do we have the list for you! Here are five incredible and utterly unique places that ensure your big day will be the event of a lifetime.

University Club

The University Club Atop Symphony Towers

The first venue on our list will leave guests speechless as they step through the door—or in this case, the elevator. The University Club Atop Symphony Towers may have some of the best views in all of San Diego. Situated right in the heart of the city at 750 B Street, your guests will enjoy views that stretch out all the way to the Pacific as they dine on incredible food, like sea bass, mushroom soup and lobster. If you like what you see but are a little overwhelmed by the process of actually having to plan a wedding, fear not! Part of the benefit of planning a wedding at this venue is the staff that comes with it. Personalized invitations and napkins, live entertainment and the cake—the staff at the club is more than happy to make sure that your big day is one you will remember for the rest of your life.

San Diego Sunset Temple

Sunset Temple

If you’re looking for a venue with a definitive vintage feel, consider the Sunset Temple, which unapologetically oozes style from every pore the moment you walk in the door. Market lights line the walls and a rich emerald curtain flanks the stage, making the Sunset Temple feel more like it belongs in Paris in the ‘20s, rather than in the north end of San Diego. If you choose this venue, you get more than just the incredible vintage charm. Planning services include lighting and technical support, farm–to–table menus and vintage decorations. If you and your betrothed squeal when you see a folding camera that you just have to own, have an antique typewriter just because of the patter of the keys and prefer to hear music played on vinyl, the Sunset Temple is the venue just for you.

Mt Helix Park

Mt. Helix Park

If you think your significant other is the peak of your life, what better way to show that than starting your life together at the top of a mountain? That’s exactly what getting married in the Mt. Helix Park allows. Situated at the top of Mt. Helix, this venue offers breathtaking outdoor views of San Diego and its surrounding countryside. Here, a variety of wedding packages are customized to your needs, from an intimate affair with a set of simple chairs and a runner for the bride to walk down, to a grand stone amphitheater where all your friends and relatives can watch your big day. Brides and grooms receive personal attention from the park’s wedding coordinator to ensure every detail of their special day is planned and executed to perfection. But the reality is that what makes this a singular wedding choice is the chance to speak your vows into the fresh mountain air, surrounded by 360 degrees of spectacular views.