5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe In The Kitchen

Children are curious little scientists who love to experiment with everything they come across. While you bustle through the kitchen, they secretly sneak into the kitchen space and invade it. Be it for the cooking purposes or for the experimenting reasons, it is imperative to ensure that the creative nutcrackers are safe and sound even in the kitchen.

They are vulnerable to get hurt by numerous sharp, hot, and burnt things. So, teach them to enter the kitchen only under an adult’s supervision. Let them cook their favorite cookies, pastries, or cupcakes. Let them try out new recipes that attract them. Or at least let them help you stir the soup or wash the dishes. All you need to remember is “child’s safety measures”. Here are the ways to keep your child safe even in the kitchen.

  • Turn off the Cooking Appliances

With kids, it is necessary to turn off the stove, oven, and other cooking appliances that may cause a burn. In addition, keep all the electrical appliances far from the sink to avoid any electric shocks. As the electric appliances are prone to damage due to electrical surge so it is a great idea to invest in a good-quality surge protector for the kitchen. Are all the sockets within the reach of kids? Then, seal them off by taping them. Get the surge protector that can let you connect a lot of devices at a time.

  • Keep the Sharp Cooking Utensils Out of Reach

Always place the knives, forks, skewers in the cabinets where kids do not have access. Apart from that, make sure to hide the lighters, matchsticks, and other fire causing instruments up in the cabinets. In a hassle, we often forget them on the dining table or kitchen slabs. But, it can lead to very dangerous consequences.

  • Keep the Jar Lids Tightly Closed

Especially in case of spices, you MUST close the lids of the jars tightly. Place them in the upper cabinets. To prevent an oil spill, you should pour it in a bottle and place it in some corner. Whatever you may fill in jars and bottles, the lids should be tightly closed to avoid spills and accidents.

  • Make the Kitchen Floor Skid-Free

In the kitchen, we keep on spilling water, oil, and other cooking items that can prove to be slippery. Although you can protect yourself from slipping on the floor, your kid might not be trained for it. The hard tiled floor can cause serious bumps and injuries to the child; therefore, always clean immediately after a spill. To upgrade the kitchen’s safety, use corner cushion to child-proof the kitchen.

  • Teach Them To Go in Kitchen under Adult Supervision

Teaching kids this simple lesson will save you from a lot of hassle. They will always ask for an adult’s help to cook in the kitchen or get something from there. They will become habitual of asking your permission before stepping into the kitchen alone.

These 5 steps will surely keep your child safe even in a kitchen. You wouldn’t have to spy on them the whole day. Have a wonderful day!