5 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Bed

Like eating well and exercising regularly, good sleep is a crucial part of maintaining good health. Some of the benefit of sleep is that it helps with weight loss, reduces unhealthy appetite, and improves the functioning of various body organs. Sleep, therefore, increases productivity and levels of concentrations. Athletes also benefit from enough sleep as it helps improve their performance. Most importantly, getting enough sleep will help you avoid health issues like diabetes, stroke and heart attacks, to mention a few.

Sadly, many people do not get the required amount of sleep due to a range of reasons. One reason is insomnia. This is a sleep disorder that causes lack of sleep or inability to maintain sleep. Insomnia can be caused by medical issues as well as the quality of your bed. This means that it can be curbed by upgrading your bed. In addition to these home upgrades, consider the following methods of upgrading your bed:

1. Get New Pillows


Pillows play a major role in the quality of sleep that you get. They help to support the upper body as you sleep. This, therefore, keeps the spine in a neutral alignment. Additionally, they help to improve the appearance of your bedroom. If you are planning on upgrading your bed, you might want to get a new set of pillows. Make sure that the pillows fit your size, as well as your curves. The wrong pillow can cause back problems. The Dozy Owl has reviewed some great pillows that you can consider if you’re looking for some help with which one to buy.

2. Decide on a New Décor and Get Some New Bed Covers


Decorating your bedroom is a crucial part of upgrading your bed. It helps to improve the aesthetic value of your bed. It also helps you to relax, which helps improve the quality of sleep. You can improve your bedroom décor by getting new bed covers. Make sure that the bed covers do not contrast with the colour of your bedroom walls and other elements in your bedroom. Also, make sure that the quality of the bed covers is impeccable. Consider the thread count, mode of cleaning, and size (depending on your bed size).

3. Consider a Memory Foam Mattress Topper


A mattress topper is a cushioned pad that sits on top of a mattress. The pad normally has straps that are placed on both sides of the bed to keep it from slipping off the bed. The main aim of a mattress topper is to compensate for a bed that has a very firm feel. Foam mattresses for one, are known for their firm feel. Therefore, a mattress topper will come in handy as an upgrade.

4. Get Different Duvets for Each Season


Duvets designed for the hot season differ from those meant for the cold season. It is important to get a couple of duvets for different seasons. This will help you keep up with the changing weather and also decrease monotony in your bed.

5. Get a Fancier Bedframe


A fancy bed frame will help improve the aesthetics of your bed significantly. It will also help increase the sturdiness of your bed, hence minimize anxiety while sleeping.



Upgrading your bed will help you to enhance your sleep quality as well as improve the appearance of your bedroom. It will also help you to improve the aesthetic value of your entire house.