5 Ways to Halt Bedbugs in Their Tracks

5 Ways to Halt Bedbugs in Their Tracks


Having bed bugs infest your home is the worst nightmare. These tiny creatures can cause you sleepless nights, not forgetting the disappointments that come with your visitors learning that your home is infested. More often than not, people argue that bed bugs are as a result of poor hygiene, which is incorrect. They can survive in any environment whether clean or dirty. If the bugs already infest your home, don’t worry because there is still a chance for you to recover your home after the attack. Here are some ways you should utilize to ensure that your home is bug-free:


  1. Declutter Your House

More often than, bed bugs tend to survive in hidden areas and can multiply quickly if not dealt with soon. If you are the kind of person that likes piling unnecessary items in your home, then it’s time you considered throwing them away. That old furniture you keep in your home can act as an excellent breeding ground for the bugs. The fact that you rarely move these items means that the bugs may continue growing in number. Before you realize, the bugs will have taken control of your home. Unless you don’t mind being evicted from your house by the bugs, you should consider clearing the junk in your house the moment you notice a bed bug.


  1. Chemical Sprays

5 Ways to Halt Bedbugs in Their Tracks


Often, several methods have been introduced to help curb the spread of bed bugs in homes. Some of the techniques brought forward do deliver results, while others are just a waste of time. However, chemical decontamination has been considered as the leading cure for your bed bug problem. 


Currently, there are many companies out there offering fumigation services to the affected homes. Most of these professionals use ammonia to clear every other bug that may be bothering you. using ammonia on bed bugs is considered an effective remedy if you are looking to deal with the problem once and for all. When using this toxic chemical, you must ensure that the spray can is tightly closed to prevent contact with your skin. 


Also, you must ensure that the bedding or furniture sprayed with the chemical is left to dry for at least a day before use. Another thing, although the chemical’s concentration is considered enough to clear the bugs, it can only be effective if it’s sprayed on the bug’s breeding grounds. You can consider spraying your home regularly until you are sure that all the bugs are gone, as well as their eggs. 


  1. Inspect Your Hotel Room Before Sleeping

Often, many people assume that bed bugs are a problem for individuals who don’t practice cleanliness. It’s wrong to conclude that. One thing you should know is that bedbugs are easily caused by frequent traffic. It’s for these reasons that hostels, public transport, and even hotels tend to be highly infested. When out there visiting a new city, the chances are that you may be forced to spend a night or two in the hotel. What you may not understand is that most of the hotel beds tend to be a breeding ground for the Bed bugs. 

Therefore, before you sleep in any hotel room, it would help if you inspected the place for the bugs. By doing so, you save yourself from having a sleepless night. Besides, the bed bugs may hide in your bags and end up finding a new breeding area in your home once you are back.


  1. Check Second-Hand Items Carefully

The buying of second-hand items is a common practice amongst people. If you are the kind of person that enjoys spending cash on these second-hand goodies, it would be best if you reconsidered the decision. Most of these items happen to be a breeding ground for the tiny monsters. The sad thing is that the bugs are almost invisible with your bare eyes. Therefore, you may not see them instantly until they start biting. You can avoid these hustles by avoiding the second-hand items at all costs. If it’s a must you buy used items; it will cost you nothing to have them disinfected before being brought into your home. 


  1. Inspect Your Home When Visitors Leave

As said earlier, the leading cause of bed bug infestation is traffic. Yes, the more visitors you have in your house, the higher the chances of infestation. Say, for instance, if you have kids in college, and who reside in the hostels, they are likely to bring bed bugs with them to your home unknowingly. The best way to deal with this problem is having the house inspected once their stay is over. By doing so, you help prevent the one bug they may have brought from multiplying and causing a disaster to your home. 


Bed bug infestation is a common problem affecting many homes. If not taken care of in time, these tiny creatures can lead to sleepless nights. If you have ever been down that road before, then you understand the pain of being a victim of the attack. Luckily, for you, the five cleansing methods shared in this article can help you deal with the problem. Most of these remedies are easy to accomplish by yourself. If you use the methods and they prove ineffective, you shouldn’t give up on your home, but call in the help of a professional to deal with the menace.