5 Ways to Use Your Computer to Make a Little Extra Cash


Here at finehomesandliving we understand the need for money each month in order to comfortably make the purchases which your life needs. It is precisely for this reason that we wanted to write a quick piece on how you can utilize your computer and the power of the internet to give your monthly income a little boost. None of these tips will make you millionaires but they should be able to bag you enough cash each month to buy whatever you need for your life or your home, without feeling any guilt whatsoever.




If you can nail down a gambling strategy then you can use an online casino to give your monthly income a little boost each month. For the best approach you should use as many welcome offer as you can find, as this will mean that you won’t even be gambling with your own cash. There are some brilliant companies out there such as Novibet casino online, which have awesome offers for newbies. Take your time, research well, only bet what you can afford and maybe this could be a real money spinner for you.


Online Surveys


There are many companies online who offer you the chance to fill out surveys which they will pay you for. The surveys don’t pay massively well but over the course of the month you can fill out more and more and end up with a good payout at the end of the month. These surveys can be about any kind of topic and they are used by companies who are  trying to better understand their demographic.


Buy and Sell


Buying and selling is the oldest business in the book and if you can get your head around it then you could easily make yourself some extra cash each month. All you need to do is head to thrift shops, garage sales and markets armed with your mobile phone. Pick up a product, check on places like eBay to see how much it is selling for, if it is higher than the price in front of you then buy it, list it and flip it for a nice profit. Do this enough and you could be making some big cash.


Website Reviews


If you head to a site such as upwork.com then you’ll find loads of freelancer gigs available on there. If you don’t have any freelancing skills then a great option for you could be to review websites and products. You don’t need very much knowledge here because it is people like you, the consumer, who they want feedback from, rather than tech-minded people who look at different aspects. People want to create websites which make you want to buy things and absorb the information which is on there, and people will pay good money to have you take a look at their new site and give them feedback.


If you really want to make some good money then have a go at all 4 of these options.