5 things you never knew you could do with cork stoppers

The cork bottle stoppers that are used for the caps for bottles, such as bottles for champagne, wine and tequila, can be reused for other household items. You can use the soft and buoyant bottle stoppers to control noise and to protect your furniture and countertops. The bottle stoppers could also be used to protect the sharp edge on a knife. You could try these other suggestions for reusing cork bottle stoppers:

1.) Tiny buoys for a fishing tackle box.
2.) Whimsical cover for a dental pick.
3.) Tiny piers for desk caddies.
4.) Tiny islands for fish tanks.
5.) Tiny wharf for remote control devices.

Cork Bottle Stoppers for a Fishing Tackle Box

You can include cork bottle stoppers with your other fishing tackle. The bottle stoppers can be used as tiny buoys in the boat, such as a floating pin cushion for your fish hook while you are untangling the fishing line for your fishing rod. The bottom of the bottle stoppers could be painted with bright colors to help you to quickly find a tiny fish hook on the bottom of your boat.

Whimsical Covers for Dental Picks

The bottle stopper for your favorite brand of champagne or wine could also be used to cover the sharp point on your dental pick after you have cleaned the dental pick. The soft cork could be easily pierced by the dental pick, which could have a cork cover for storage in a bathroom drawer or cosmetic bag. You could also buy some cork stoppers to make a unique bath mat and countertop trivet for your bathroom.

Corner Pads for Tiny Piers for Desk Caddies

The corner pads for a desk caddy are used to protect a desk top and also to control the noise from the clinking sound when a desk caddy is being put back on a desk. Some cork bottle stoppers could be used as short legs for your desk caddy, such as for a tiny pier design. You could buy several cork stoppers to use the pier design to protect your desk caddies from ink or paint spills on your desk.

Tiny Bollards for Remote Control Devices

You can also use cork bottle stoppers as tiny bollards to protect the remote control devices for televisions, stereo systems, home theaters and security systems. The flat end of the cork bottle stoppers could be glued to a television cabinet or the bottom of a drawer in a living room table. You could also use some yarn or paracord to loop around each bottle stopper in the style of the ropes on a wharf.

Tiny Islands for Fish Tanks

The cork bottle stoppers will float in the water in a fish tank and could be used to make a tiny island. You could put a small sign or some tiny plastic palm trees on the island. The sign could be an SOS sign or another whimsical sign, such as a for rent sign or a sign with the words "Shipwrecked for Retirement." The tiny island could also be used for a floating thermometer to check the air temperature near the fish tank.

Eco-friendly Cork Bottle Stoppers

The bottle stoppers can be used in the traditional ways that cork can be used for message boards and for insulation, such as for blocking noise as furniture bumpers on cabinet doors. You can also use the bottle stoppers as covers for the sharp edges on hand tools, such as screwdrivers and hand picks. With some easy efforts for reusing eco-friendly products, you could save money and could simplify your lifestyle.