6 Clever tips on how to purchase luxury designer bags


There used to be a time when ladies lusted over luxury designer bags with mortgage-deposit levels of price tags. Luxury items are a woman’s best friend and worst enemy because every woman wants fabulous but at what cost? In the recent past, thanks to advanced design and technology, there has been a rise of mid-range luxury bags that have quenched the demands of the average woman. Michael Kors bags spearheaded this revolution by producing these much-coveted luxury bags for the woman interested in looking good and value for money.


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Many old and new designers have sprung up and taken up this niche offering luxury bags within an affordable price range. Owning a designer label has never been as exciting as what it is today. Our social media platforms are regularly flooded with feeds of new brands in the market. Before you take the plunge, be sure to take heed of the tips below to afford you that luxury bag that you have been eyeing;



Keeping your finances up to per is vital for every woman. If proper financial management is done, you shouldn’t feel guilty to want that designer bag. Make sure you are constantly saving for your wants being cautious of your short and long term financial goals. There are times when you may be saving for something then change your mind when you have all the cash collected. The goal of saving is sticking to your budget and get what you want.



When it comes to buying luxury, stick to quality. You would rather spend $300 for one authentic bag as opposed to going for 5 knock-offs that will not last. When you become a connoisseur in buying luxury labels, you will find yourself becoming a lot pickier than usual. Legit luxury bags will always last and serve you longer in due course.



Luxury designer labels rarely go on sale and for good reason! However, if you are patient enough, you can purchase the bag during annual and bi-annual designer sales. Mid-rage labels have regular sales at their outlet stores that one can take advantage of. Second-hand designer bags have also become a ‘thing.’ Some popular stores sell gently used, pre-owned bags for less to the average woman.



The greatest tip in buying luxury brands is choosing the classics. You don’t want to spend a lot on a fashion trend that will go away the next season or within a few months. If you are breaking the bank for a bag, make sure it’s a timeless piece. Go for shapes and colors that will go with numerous outfits in your closet. Neutral colors are a good pick as they match numerous outfits and stay in style.



Renting is a simpler way of enjoying luxury on a budget. It saves you the worry of the item going out of style. Renting is a great way to test drive luxury items before you make the final decision to buy. It creates fun and style in your closet as you can rock different styles without owning a whole ton of different bags. Stores normally recommend that you don’t launder the bags and this saves you on the cleaning of the bags yourself.


  1. MIX IT UP

Finances may not always afford us all the luxury in the world.  It’s not a crime to mix the premiums with a few cheap pieces. You don’t always have to be in luxury to feel good about yourself or dress impeccably. If you are going to the park or a laid back event, you can choose a simple, cheap, no-label bag.