6 Easy Ways to Keep A House Warm

6 Easy Ways to Keep A House Warm


With the polar vortex bringing temperatures to record lows in the northern hemisphere, staying warm can be very difficult. In fact, the freezing temperatures have claimed a few lives already, even ones who were inside their homes. While you can keep yourself safe from the cold by staying indoors, what can you do if it’s your own home that’s having a hard time keeping you warm?


Apart from the obvious solutions like bundling up in layers and layers of insulated clothing, here are some cost-effective ways to keep your house warm and toasty without resorting to burning your house down.


Make use of the sun

The polar vortex is making it a little bit challenging to get some real heat from the sunlight, but when a little ray of sunshine does peek through, take advantage of some free heating. Drawing your curtains open lets the sunlight in and helps bring the temperature of your house to a warmer state.


Fix your heaters

Simply put, heaters don’t do their job very efficiently if they’re not at their full working capacity. Dirty air filters, leaking air ducts, and lack of regular maintenance can lead to a room having uneven temperatures at best. Worst case scenario? You end up with a broken heater that doesn’t work at all. So avoid freezing in your very own home by getting your heater tuned up once a year with Accuserv heating.


Use the oven

You’re probably looking to chow down on some hot food to stay warm this winter season. So why not kill two birds with one stone? Whip up some pot roast, make a casserole using your smart convection oven or boil some soup on the stove. Even heating up a pot of water for some tea can help warm up your house, especially rooms near the kitchen. Just make sure to watch your cooking every once in a while so you don’t end up burning your food or your house.


Keep the curtains drawn

In the same way that heat can come in when you keep your curtains drawn back during the day, heat can also escape when you don’t pull your drapes closed at night. A good way to ensure that heat doesn’t escape is to get some insulated curtains for winter use. This will prevent the temperatures in your room from dropping too low for comfort.


Get indoor plants

House plants can help regulate the temperature of a room. They release moisture into the air by the process of transpiration. Because of the water molecules in the air, heat takes a longer time to dissipate. Place some indoor plants around your house to get your air nice and humid in the winter time. Find an indoor plant garden near you to get some nice house plants.


Keep doors closed

A quick and easy way to keep rooms warm and toasty is to limit the amount of open space. The bigger and wider a space is, the easier it will be for the heat to dissipate and move to colder areas. By keeping doors closed, you lower the square footage that gets heated, which makes the heat spread quicker and easier.