6 Living Room Decor Ideas That'll Stand the Test of Time



Finding the right decor for your house or special room can be a truly exhaustive process. Being able to match colors, themes or even textures are features to consider when looking for living room decor. Thankfully, this article will give you 6 guaranteed decor ideas that can stand the test of time and wow your guests, and keep you impressed by your homes look.


Check out these 6 ideas for your living room decor:


1. Focal Points


If you are an artist or enjoy painting and drawing as a hobby, you will likely know this term. If you are not, then this information will help. Focal points are lines of distance in a room or environment. When you plan the decor of your room, consider how a focal point can draw guests eyes to that statement painting or poster. Putting up a gorgeous piece of art will create a focal point that your guests will not be able to ignore.


2. Matching Decor


Creating a consistent color theme is a good way to create a timeless look. Some people like mismatched, but often, the nicest living rooms usually have a cohesive color pattern throughout that makes the room feel special. According to the experts at https://www.simplycushions.co.nz/colour-matching-cushions-to-your-sofa/, one such way to do this is by matching cushions or pillows to your sofa. Your sofa takes up much of the actual functional space in the room, and it is going to attract the eyes of your guests. Matching pillows and cushions creates a good overall theme.


3. Plants and Greenery


One really timeless living room decor option is to fill your room with flora and fauna. In other words, use plants to make the room feel alive - literally. Although you should consider a color theme, having plants makes your living room feel like it is actually lived in. You have so many options too. You can go small and put some flowers in vases, hang a cactus from a pot, or place a big fern plant somewhere in a corner. Living rooms that get a lot of natural light will make this a very good plan for a timeless decor look.


4. Rich or Natural Material


Rich does not mean expensive in this case, but some of these materials can be pricier. Even though marble and hardwood flooring can be pricey, they will always stand the test of time. This is partly one of the reasons why many upscale homes will opt for these materials. They simply look good, and they have been used for centuries to really put emphasis on how nice a room is. Your living room is unlikely to have marble counters, but hardwood flooring is a classic way to make a room for rich in color and aesthetic value. Exposed brick is also coming back into style and feels authentic too.


5. Vintage Furniture



Vintage does not mean old, it means timeless. Now that thrifting and vintage finds are a popular way to accessorize or decorate, it is only a matter of time before you find an old piece of furniture or decor to give a classic look to your living room. Old wooden dressers, drawers, chests, and stands are practical. Even vintage metal can look like it belongs in a contemporary home. Old record players, a bar cart, and books can add some small and subtle details to make a room feel cultured.


6. Simplistic Design


This might sound contradictory to the last point, but it is not. Even though you want your living room to feel like it is actually lived in, it can still be simple. Having decor and additions in your living room do not need to feel cluttered. Keep everything organized, keep the room open and easily accessible, and hide any cords or wires. Simple does not have to mean empty, and your decor can be implemented in a way that creates comfort and functionality.




Making your living room feel timeless is a project that does not have to feel daunting. In fact, it is not daunting at all when you know where and how to start. Simple tips to improve your quality of life can be done through the ways in which your living room is decorated. The living room is one of the most important spaces of your home. You will be entertaining guests and hanging out here, so why not beef it up by giving it a timeless look that mixes looks, comfort, and functional uses.