6 Luxe Features You Will Want in Your New Home

As time goes by, you may find that your home no longer meets your requirements to the same level as it once did. Your family may have grown in both number and stature, and so the living space that has served you well is no longer ticking right boxes.

It can be overwhelming when you start looking at houses on the market, so to help you with your search, here are six luxe features that you will definitely want in your new home.

A Fabulous Kitchen

The heart of every home is the kitchen, and for top-end luxury, your kitchen should be more than a functional space to cook meals in! Check out these luxury homes in LA at pezziniluxuryhomes.com; the kitchens go above and beyond granite worktops and modern appliances. They ooze luxe appeal and go the extra mile with warming drawers, wine coolers and more. After all, your kitchen will have the most footfall and is considered the heart of the home.

A Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen

Not content with a stunning kitchen in the house? If not, then you can indulge in an amazing outdoor kitchen. Comfortable seating, a refrigerator, food preparation area, and a built-in grill all help to redefine the outdoor dining experience. Your own outdoor space devoted purely to the entertainment of friends and family.

A Dressing Room

There is little more luxurious than having a room dedicated exclusively to making you look and feel great. You’ll have plenty of room for your clothes to hang without the fear of creasing, and with wall to wall mirrors, you’ll be able to perfect your outfit for the day (or night) ahead. With bespoke shoe racks, hanging areas for purses and scarves, your accessories are accessible!

Smart Technology

What luxe home would be complete without the latest smart technology to assist the residents? The tech will help to keep your house safe and secure, but also give you the opportunity to control the ambiance of your home: lighting, temperature, humidity, music and more.

Spa Bathroom

A spa bathroom is the ultimate luxe feature of a home. The showers in spa bathrooms are huge walk-in affairs with multiple jets to massage your body while you wash. With underfloor heating, heated towel rails and a bath that allows you to float, the spa bathroom is comfort driven, but with a stylish twist that exudes luxury and sophistication.

Home Gym

Home gyms provide the residents the opportunity to take exercise when it suits their schedule, and not be dictated by the hours that a public gym offers - pure luxury. Home gyms that are equipped with the latest workout gear, flat screen TV and perhaps a lap pool, ensure that the very wealthy can keep fit and healthy at their own pace.