6 Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Room


6 Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Room


We often think about decorating a child’s room as a complicated task - having to think about both form and function which can be difficult. But decorating can be as simple as making a few changes.


Investing in bright colors, changing sleeping arrangements, and adding storage solutions can make life easier. Cherish those precious years of childhood by making new memories in a cute but functional room.


Bed Solutions For One


The main piece of furniture in your child’s room is the bed. If the room is for one child, a fun idea is to invest in a standout bed. There are many creative beds - car shaped for the future NASCAR driver or a castle for your princess. There are even bunk bed arrangements that feature a bed on top with space below for a desk or cozy reading/storage area.


If space is at a premium, rearrange the furniture to maximize space for play. In a small room, the bed can be placed against a wall instead of in the middle of the room. This frees up valuable floor space and gives the impression of a bigger room.


Bed Solutions for Shared Rooms


Sharing a room doesn’t have to confine siblings to the same decorations.


Let each child pick out new colors, fabrics or accessories that suit them. “Match” by using similar furniture, colors or floor plans to coordinate a new look.


If you want to give siblings their own space, try putting a divider between the beds. Use curtains on rods mounted on the ceiling, or get creative with a dresser, storage divider, or shelving unit. Make sure these are heavy enough to avoid accidental tipping.


Another solution is to use bunk beds. These are a terrific solution for shared rooms.


6 Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Room


Keep It Organized




The number one complaint from parents about a child’s room is the chaos. Scattered toys, clothes, and other random items can add to clutter. Keep it organized with nifty closets and storage solutions.


Closets should be functional and reachable. Bring the clothes’ rods down to child levels for easy clothes hanging. Use matching storage bins - label with pictures if your child doesn’t read yet - so there’s a place for everything. If the colors are bright and coordinated, it will encourage your child to keep things in the proper order.


Utilize the back of the door by hanging a multi-pocket organizer. Fill the pockets with shoes, hair ties, or smaller items that usually end up on the floor.




To keep a child’s room functional, tidy, and inviting, one of the biggest investments should be in storage. Use shelving units, bookcases and plenty of containers to corral your child’s belongings.


Have fun with colorful bins or baskets to make it easier for your child to pick up toys or games. Be creative in finding fun storage solutions. Paint old school lockers for functional tween age storage. Use wooden crates for toy storage or an old trunk for a dress up/play area.


Colors and Themes


One simple but stylish way to decorate your child’s room is with a new color scheme. Paint is easy, affordable and can change a room from boring to engaging. Blues and lavenders are calming colors to ease into sleep. If your princess is in a pink phase, then pale pink might be the paint of her choice. A future lion-tamer might want forest green.


Don’t forget to coordinate the fabrics in a room to match the paint color. A soothing wall color might call for a bold bedspread and matching pillows. A soft, cozy rug in an inviting color can be the perfect accent piece.


Decorate to a child’s interests. Every child has something they’re passionate about. Whatever they love, you can use it to create a themed room. It takes something as simple as choosing a few wall decals or accent pieces - such as glow in the dark stars or a jungle themed lamp.


Neon Signs


They’re bold, they’re daring, and they’re the latest way to add pizzazz to your child's room. Light up the room with warm color and liven up the mood with a neon sign.


A neon sign is a perfect solution for scaring away monsters win the dark in your child's room, as well as adding a peaceful ambiance.

When it’s time to decorate your child’s room, remember these six tips. Your child’s room will soon be stylish, organized and fun.

6 Stylish Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Room

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