6 Unconventional Fitness Trends in San Diego

Find a new love of fitness with these weird San Diego trends

Pole Sinsations

Finding the will to work out can be tough, especially after back–to–back holidays that involve an abundance of food and sweets. But with a new year comes new trends and San Diego just so happens to have local businesses that have some different approaches to fitness.

That favorite pair of heels you never get to wear finally has a use. High heel aerobics is a dance class sure to burn away calories while building confidence. This workout class, called Heels, covers street jazz, burlesque and hip–hop dance styles that will tone your thighs, calves and waist. Niara Eustace, dance instructor and choreographer, currently holds classes at Fitness West in Pacific Beach. Her Heels classes are held Thursday nights from 7:45 to 8:45 pm. To attend the class, you do not need a membership at Fitness West. If you plan to attend regularly, you may purchase a punch card for $10 per class, or $12 per class when you drop in. More information can be found on Niara Eustace.

This fitness trend actually doesn't involve any movement and only takes 1.5–3 minutes for results. Cryotherapy is a freezing treatment that can burn up to 800 calories in just one session. The whole body treatment involves a Cryosauna that uses liquid nitrogen to get down to as low as -256 degrees fahrenheit. The treatment is also great after a hard workout, as it allows your muscles to recover quickly. Cryotherapy also helps with post–surgical recovery, chronic pain, depression and blood circulation and can alleviate dermatitis and psoriasis. San Diego Cryotherapy offers three different types of treatments, with full body treatments starting at $55. For more information on treatment pricing and memberships, visit Cryotherapy.

Turn off the lights and paint your body like you are going to a rave with blacklight yoga! This kind of workout is perfect if you are constantly worrying about what you look like doing yoga or comparing yourself to others. Because of the lighting, you will not be able to see your reflection in the mirrors or people around you, which helps you concentrate on yourself and your poses. Spirit Yoga offers this unique spin on yoga on the first Saturday of every month at 7 pm, plus additional dates since the class sells out so quickly. The class costs $25 and sign up is available online. For additional class dates and information, visit Spirit Yoga.

Twerking is a trend that has swept the nation, but now you can take twerking classes to put those provocative hip thrusts to good use! Twerkin' to the Beat is a class at San Diego's Pole Sinsations. The studio also offers pole dancing classes, and even hosts pole parties. Perfect to burn calories and feel sexy, twerking classes are every Thursday at 7 pm and cost $15. To sign up for classes, visit Pole Sinsations.

This trend involves your best fur friend! Working out with your dog is great way to bond and lead a healthy life. Leash Your Fitness in San Diego offers different workout classes for you and your dog. Dog obedience is also offered within the Bonding with Bootcamp and K9 Core and Conditioning classes. Walking, running and yoga classes with your dog are also offered. Leash Your Fitness allows one dog per person and each class offered is one hour long. The class schedules, locations and pricing can be found at Leash Your Fitness

Another fun, unconventional workout is jumping on an endless field of trampolines. Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Chula Vista offers calorie-burning activities and programs. Ultimate Dodgeball combines regular dodgeball with wall–to–wall trampolines; Foam Zone allows you to jump, fly, and flip into a pit filled with 10,000 foam cubes; and Sky Slam bounces you ten feet in the air to dunk like a pro–athlete. Sky Zone also offers SkyRobics classes and discounted jumping during their Hoppy Hour and Student Nights. For class information, reservations and waivers, visit Sky Zone Trampoline Park.