7 Beautiful Overlooked Vacation Spots In The US

Want to experience a rocking vacation free from seas of tourists in the US? Forget New York and San Francisco! While these destinations are magnificent and beautiful, they can get a bit crowded, especially during their peak season. Luckily, the United States boasts countless of overlooked yet amazing vacation spots, from nature havens to charming laid-back towns. To help you pick the right destination for your next trip, we’ve rounded up some of the best-overlooked vacation spots in the USA.


Sedona, Arizona


There’s no place on earth quite like Sedona, Arizona. Not only does it showcase a stunning natural backdrop, but it’s amazingly therapeutic as well. For years, the mountainous town has been praised for its healing vortexes, which are known to promote spiritual growth. Of course, there are also so many exciting things to do in Sedona for outdoor connoisseurs. After all, the city has a wide array of awesome and picture-perfect trails.


Portland, Maine


Tucked away in the country’s northeast corner, Portland is often snubbed for the flashier and more accessible cities in New England, like Providence and Boston. But, Portland is a gorgeous haven of historical homes and a world of art for those who explore the Atlantic coastline. Not to mention, Portland impresses its visitors with its flourishing food scene.


A great place to start a vacation here is the downtown area, home to a variety of attractions like the Victoria Mansion and Portland Museum of Art. While there, don’t forget to indulge on their fresh and tasty seafood, such as lobsters, chowder and oysters. And for the outdoorsy type, head to Casco Bay for fishing and tours.


Boise, Idaho


Idaho’s capital isn’t exactly the first destination that jumps to mind, when you think of vacation. But, guess what? The city’s tourism is booming, and is becoming more enticing to tourists. What’s more, it ranks consistently among the best places to live in the USA. Located on the Idaho and Oregon border, the city offers sports, arts, nature and cool activities for people of all ages. The city’s outdoors are pretty big, and the best place to start your outdoor adventure here is the Boise Greenbelt.


Salt Lake City, Utah


With more than 200 days of sunshine per year, Salt Lake City promises a fun and exciting vacation for all types of travelers. Although the city is known for its Mormon culture and liquor laws, there’s so much to see and explore in Utah’s capital. From adrenaline-pumping outdoor escapades to striking architecture, there’s plenty to do in Salt Lake City for all travelers.


Kansas, Missouri


They don’t call Kansas, Missouri as the “City of Fountains” for nothing. After all, the city teems with gorgeous fountains, and may have more of these charmers than Rome. For a memorable vacation, take a picturesque stroll between its lovely fountains during the day. Alternatively, you may visit them in the evening when they are beautifully illuminated, showing off their majestic structure. Furthermore, you may learn how jazz icons like Count Basie and Charlie Parke defined their music at the American Jazz Museum.


Block Island, Rhode Island


Block Island is literally just across the Hamptons and is pretty close to Natucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Amazingly, though, the island manages to maintain a low profile and misses out on the crowds of tourists heading to the more trendy summer spots. In other words, Block Island’s miles of untouched white beaches are almost free from the crowds, even during the peak season.


In addition, the island has a couple of lovely lighthouses and a ton of hiking trails if you ever find yourself feeling restless on its beach.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Wisconsin may be known for its cheese, but Milwaukee offers an enriching culture that goes beyond its dairy veil. Home to the legendary Happy Days series, the city is also famous for its role in beer production’s history. As a matter of fact, the city has a handful of guided brewery tours, and is home to big-time producers like Miller High Life and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Another highlight in Milwaukee is the Harley-Davidson Museum, celebrating over a hundred years of the brand’s history as well as displaying bikes that once belong to legends like Elvis Presley.


Is there any place that you think we might have missed? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section!