7 Beautifully Bespoke Ways to Turn Your House into Your Home

If bespoke is a word you’ve heard, but you don’t know what it means, you are not alone. This term has been around since the 1700s, but it’s making a resurgence in today’s world. Bespoke is used in reference to fashion, food, and web design. It is also used to describe the interior design. Describing something as bespoke means that it is completely customized, made to your specifications.


When you are looking for bespoke design in your home, you are looking for a way to make your home uniquely yours. One is to decorate your windows with custom drapery. Another is to have your furniture covered with unique upholstery. But, that’s not it. There are several other ways to add bespoke design to your home to make it uniquely yours.

1. Add your own artwork.

One way to truly customize your house to make it a home is to add your own artwork. Not artwork that you bought, but the artwork that you create. Even if you aren’t an artist, there are always things that can be done to turn everyday objects into art. Take a photo and run it through filters. Then, enlarge it, print it, and frame it. Items like wrapping paper, wallpaper, or pieces of handwritten letters can be put into frames and placed in interesting groupings on the wall. Whatever you do, be sure that you choose frames that are refined in style, so even if the artwork is inexpensive, the frames do not look that way.

2. Customize tiles.

Another way to turn your house into a home with bespoke style is to customize your tiles. These could be tiles in your kitchen on the backsplash or in the bathroom in the shower. You do not have to have a large space of customized tile work. A small amount of customization goes a long way, especially if the tile work is elaborate. Customized tile work can be done with artistic painting or it can be done with tile placement. You could hire someone to create a mosaic of unique shapes out of pieces of tile. Or, you could hire someone to create a mural that reminds you of a favorite vacation. The sky is the limit as tiles come in nearly every color and can be cut into any shape.

3. Add antiques.

Take a trip to your local antique market and find a few pieces that you absolutely love. When you add antiques, your house immediately looks more like a home. It doesn’t matter if the antiques you choose are from classic periods like the Victorian Era or modern ones like the Atomic Age. Adding something that is no longer made and cannot be purchased off the rack makes your home an interesting place. To add more bespoke style to your home, choosing pieces that have stories adds even more personalization to your home. Some people will visit antique markets while they are on vacation, so they can develop their own personal stories about the unique pieces that they find.

4. Mix textiles.

When you mix up textiles, you add personality to your home. Of course, you have to consider the limits of what you can mix, because you do not want to go overboard and create a confusing mix of fabrics in one room. Bespoke style needs to be special to you, so you should have textiles in your favorite textures and colors. Consider what you are putting on your windows, what you are choosing for your upholstered furniture, and what your accessories will look like, too. Your goal is to make your home personal and personally yours. So, if you want to pair furs and leathers, go for it - just do it with taste (and choose textiles from vegan sources). You could even match unlikely choices like linen and velvet, just keep it refined, so it doesn’t look tacky. There are fine lines that can be crossed when you start to mix textiles, so putting a leopard spotted pillow on a black leather couch might be a bit too much. While you are choosing your textiles, do not forget the options that you put on your floors, too.

5. Bring the outside in.

This may not be the best option for every homeowner, but if you have a beautiful view outside of your windows, figure out how to incorporate the view into your bespoke design. Your customized interiors will be truly yours if you add a view that you love. Your draperies can frame the view and make it seem like customized artwork inside your home. You could even position your furniture so you can take in the view while relaxing.

6. Consider your light fixtures.

Another beautiful way to turn your house into a bespoke home is to add light fixtures that make you happy. They can be placed in ways that accentuate artwork, furniture, or workspaces. The lightbulbs that you use can also be selected to achieve a special look. It might not seem like light fixtures can create a special space, but consider the way that light accentuates gemstones in a jewelry store. Or, the way that light fixtures show off artwork in museums. You can do the same thing in your home - in your own way.

7. Keep it refined.

No matter what you choose to do to make your house into a bespoke home, be sure that you choose fixtures, fabric, and furniture that is refined and luxurious. Bespoke design is customized but it should not look like it is cheaply made. There should be a sense of comfort to it because it is made just for you, but be sure that it does not look worn out and old. Even the antiques you choose should look like they will last forever. Your home should be clean and free of clutter because that takes away from the design you choose to feature in your home. Refined style includes luxurious fabrics and classic lines, but the bespoke details can come from personalized accessories like art, light fixtures, and tiles.